Every Night at 1 AM…

This week I chose to do this assignment for 4 stars, which was to create a 30 second documentary that tells its own story.

I took a more comedic approach to this assignment, telling the story you see in the video. Does this happen to anyone else at around 1 AM? You go into the kitchen and open the fridge and inspect every item in the fridge. Do I want a drink? Do I want cheesecake? Do I want leftover dinner for a midnight snack? Do I want some vegetables? Then, you reject every item you find because you don’t feel like having any of those or you can’t make up your mind (or realize you’re to tired for this), then you go back to bed. Does this sound familiar? Feel free to share your midnight snacking occurrences below!

This assignment was easy to film (and I even remembered to turn my camera horizontally this time, amazingly). Once I filmed it I used my trusty Adobe Premiere Elements to edit the video to be exactly 30 seconds long even with the short title frame I gave it, cutting out some idle points where I just stared at my fridge. I didn’t want to add any music to the video because I wanted I thought having no music would add to the 1 AM atmosphere, and in this video, I wanted to show through video rather than tell through words or audio, as the assignment description suggested!

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