Weekly Summary: Week 2

I hope everyone’s getting through the second week of this semester after our day off on Monday! Even with that day off, it’s still been a long week, with a lot of work. This week, I’ve enjoyed being able to pick 3 assignments from the assignment bank from 3 different categories. Nothing caused me any great difficulty this week, as I picked assignments that were most interesting to me. I had more difficult last week creating the social media accounts and introductions, since I’ve decided social media isn’t always a fan of me trying to post things there.

First, I chose a GIF assignment to create a funny animal video of my ducklings eating. This caused me the most trouble of anything because I had difficulties with this tutorial on creating GIFs, since the video wasn’t actually showing on MPEG Screenclip for me when I downloaded it. However, I found an alternate way to create gifs from my phone, detailed in the post below.

A Duck’s Favorite Meal

Next, I chose a Web Storytelling assignment, in which Google attempted to guess my drawings, which fascinated me.

How Google Learned to Play Pictionary

Finally, I created my own Game of Thrones house sigil, since I love that show.

Ready to Pounce

You can also see the post about my 3 Daily Creates for the week below, which I found to be a nice break from usual coursework.

Daily Creativity: Week Two

Additionally, I managed to customize this blog and give it a nontrivial title, as well as selections for the various tagged posts on the side of my blog. I hope those make navigation easier, and that the quality of my blog design and the deign of my posts will continue to improve throughout the course.

Overall, this week, I find myself settling into the flow of this course more easily, and participating more often. I’ve followed as many people from the class as I could find on Twitter using the #ds106 hashtag, and have really enjoyed seeing all the posts there. People are really creative in this class and I love seeing their daily creates, and I’ve been retweeting and replying on Twitter posts I really enjoy or relate to. I’ve never been one for social media, as I’ve said before, but now I finally understand how you can spend so long scrolling through Twitter posts and liking every single one…

I’ve also been following the class page, and commenting on some posts that I enjoy. It’s great seeing so many varying talents among everyone and being a part of the same community here on the web. For example, Emily’s post inspired me to complete the assignment for ‘How Google Learned to Play Pictionary,’ so I commented on her blog that it was the inspiration for my post above.

Finally, I was assigned to the Web Storytelling group for the class this week, meaning I’ll be a part in choosing the best works of the Web Storytelling week when it comes up. Some of my favorite modern versions of myths and legends come from web storytelling. Similar to the famous Slenderman, I believe that forums (like Reddit) are unique versions of web storytelling, since they involve so much interaction with others and create so many transformative stories and myths unlike any other media. I had two examples of this relating to creepy supposedly true stories posted by people on Reddit which seem appropriately myth-like: one about a whistling noise following a man throughout his life (and in which, a commenter compared it to a Venezeulan Legend) and one about a ‘smiling man’.

Relating to those examples, I created a Web Assignment, which I hope I’ll have fun completing during that unit!


Weekly Summary: Week One

The first week of classes is always an interesting one, filled with more chaos then expected while adjusting to new classes and routine. I learned that I’ll really need to focus on time-management this semester, especially to keep up with the fast-moving nature of a course like this!

Most of my time for the class was spent creating social media accounts, and introducing myself on each of the platforms, including this blog, YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, and Twitter. Luckily, step one of creating this blog was easier for me, since I’d already registered this domain for a previous class, the FSEM History of Genocides. It was really easier than I thought it would be to add a subdomain for this class with the tutorial given. The social media accounts proved more time-consuming and difficult than expected, however, since I’m not used to the idea of using them (nor of hearing my own voice in a YouTube video). Instagram in particular proved difficult for me because it initially thought the account I created was a spam account, and blocked me from posting, which wasn’t the greatest confidence boost in my social media abilities. I did manage to finally fix the issue and have Instagram believe I’m a real person, though. Phew. You can see these social media introductions below:

Social Media Extravaganza

The next assignment was to comment on our theme this semester in our first real reflective blog post. I really enjoyed writing this one and I think that leads me to believe I’ll really enjoy writing more for this blog in the future! I have little experience in blogging, so it’s nice to learn that it might be something I do enjoy. To see my thoughts on our theme this semester, which this blog will heavily feature, check out the post below:

A Semester of Legends