Final Project: An Interview with Callen Zelrich

See the Poster featured for our radio show below.

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If you have any further questions for Doctor Callen Zelrich, please direct them to his Twitter account @CallenZelrich and be sure to check in on his Q&A there!

So, there you have it everyone, above are the three parts to my final project! As I said in my brainstorming for this project last week, I wanted my final project to focus entirely on my character (a vampire who is also a surgeon) and his perspective. The story told through this project is one that comes from him, and continues the story as told through my last radio show story from DS106 radio news, which was that of different people being interview about my character.

This time, the first portion I created, as an audio portion, is an interview by my character, finally giving him a chance to defend himself and discuss his thoughts on revealing himself as a vampire and recent events relating to his release from custody by the police. This was by far the most time-consuming and difficult part of the project for me. Just to write up the questions and answers (since I am always terrible at improvising anything) took a very long time! I wanted to be sure I told the story I was aiming for, and the end result ended up being even longer than I thought it would when it was all finally recorded, which was awesome for the final product since I think it turned out to become a meaningful story.

This one was pretty tedious to edit in Audacity since I recorded each question and answer seperately (for the sake of my breath and any mistakes I’d make). My Audacity project got pretty full in the end with all the audio tracks, but I’d recommend recording things like these separately so you don’t have to record the entire thing at once. Again I used this tutorial to change the pitch of my voice for Cal’s parts, trying to not make it as deep as I did last time because that sounded odd. Finally, I added in some copyright free music from soundcloud, faded it in and out, and I was done with that editing marathon. Even though I’m getting used to Audacity some of its functions are still not as intuitive as I would like, especially when there are so many tracks you’re trying to sort through (But it’s free so we don’t doubt it too much).

Along with my radio show, I wanted to include a visual element (or possibly a design element depending on your perspective), so I created the two posters you see above, both using canva online. The first one you see is a poster advertising the show’s interview, as a more classy design, which I found fitting to the theme. The second is a more humorous addition, as an advertisement for Vampire Repellent that sponsors the show, which is an ironic sponsorship. At this point I think the vampire repellent is becoming an easter egg in my blog, appearing in so many different projects, and I just had to give it a chance in for Visual Storytelling in an advertisement. Canva is very easy to use, as you can chose a template and add images/text boxes of your own, as well as easily change existing elements of that template to your liking. I really enjoyed using it once again. The vampire logo I used can be found here, and the vampire repellent image is from the amazon page I edited for web storytelling earlier, found here.

For the final part in my project, as Cal mentioned in the radio show, he opened a twitter account that he is using for a Q&A. I thought this would provide a less professional avenue for developing his character with a lighter tone. Additionally, Twitter is such a common and unique form of Web Storytelling used now, and this was the most fun I had in the final project by far. It was fun designing the page as I imagined Cal would. For the questions, mostly I tweeted them to Cal using my own account, though some did come from my friends (who didn’t have a Twitter account, but wanted them to be included, so I passed them along through mine). Additionally, Professor Bond Tweeted many of the questions I sent to him, so a big thank you to him for that! I think this really brings the character to life in a way other forms of storytelling cannot, and I do wonder what anyone passing through Twitter and finding that account might think if they were to see it.

So, that’s it! It’s been a hectic week, as an understatement, and a surprisingly short semester! I really enjoyed interacting with all my classmates this semester and I wish you all luck on your projects and everything else you’ll be doing in the future!

Final Project To Do List

The plan for my final project has changed significantly throughout the week, as it originally started as one idea and now it’s turned into another. I’ve decided ultimately I want to continue my character’s story, specifically the story I started in the last group project, in which my character Callen, a vampire who is also a surgeon, was arrested and accused of murder. In that radio show segment, I focused on interviews of people commenting on him, but for the final project, I want to show Cal’s perspective.

First, I’m going to be creating a radio show interview as another segment from DS106 Radio news. This will be an interview of Cal and his perspective on the whole project, to tie together that story and give him a chance to defend himself and for everyone to hear his side of the story. Since I enjoyed making the interviews before, I thought this would be a good idea. I’ll also be using visual storytelling to create a poster/advertisement for this radio show interview, since it’s so highly anticipated in the community in Cal’s world.

For an alternate style to that interview, I’m going to next involve web storytelling a bit more. I plan on creating a Twitter account for Cal and allow him to have a Twitter Q&A session with people on Twitter. I expect this one to have a more humorous tone than the radio show interview, as I could have people ask some funny questions. I’ll see if anyone from the class wants to give him questions, otherwise I’ll use my own Twitter account to ask the questions, and maybe I’ll edit the web page so that they appear to be different people and not just me, it depends on how that works when I get to that point and how much time I have on my hands.

This week, I’ve just been working on starting to write up a script for my radio show. I really hope that I can record the show and get started on the other portions, so that I can finish this project early next week so I’m ready to focus on my finals. Can’t wait to see what everyone else has thought of!

Weekly Summary Week 12

Is it really week 12 already? Where has time gone! Anyway, I enjoyed doing the assignments more this week because I didn’t have too many assignments in any other classes so I could focus on this class mostly. Most of the mashup assignments I’ve done ended up involving more video editing, since I really enjoy video editing. It’s time consuming sometimes when you don’t have inspiration or know what to do with it, but after you learn how to use your editing program it becomes much easier.

First, I did 12 stars of mashup assignments. First in another assignment guessing game, I had you guessing my favorite TV shows from a mashup of no more than 2 seconds clips from each show. Could you guess any of them (answers in the video)? This was my favorite assignment this week. This was worth 4 stars.

Can you Guess my Favorite TV Shows?

Next, for 4.5 stars I created a mashup featuring the evolution of Hannibal Lecter throughout various movies and TV shows. This was the most difficult of the assignments this week because it was the most time consuming and difficult to chose clips for each movie and to edit them together in some way that was cohesive.

The Evolution of Hannibal Lecter

Finally, I added an inappropriate laugh track to the Evil Dead for my last 3.5 stars. I also chose to do my tutorial this week on that assignment, so check that out too!

The Evil Dead: The Sitcom

Adobe Premiere Elements: Laugh Track Mashup Tutorial

Next I had to do two remixed assignments. It took me a while to understand how to access them on the assignment pages and what they meant but I eventually was able to understand and produce two. First, I remixed my favorite sounds from earlier in the semester with an interesting twist.

My Favorite Sounds… And Where’s the Waldo Transition?

For my second I created a terrible PowerPoint presentation about Google drawing, which I’m quite proud of actually, considering I was to purposefully make the PowerPoint terrible.

Google Tried: A PowerPoint Presentation

Finally, here’s a link to my post with my daily creates for the week. I hope everyone had a great week!

Daily Creativity Week 12

Weekly Summary: Week 11

Week 11 already? Time is going by so fast near the end of the semester, it’s insane! This week was a crazy one for me again, because I had a math test and various phone interviews and other events, so I didn’t have much time to get everything done, but I still managed to do 12 stars of video assignments! I still do enjoy video editing and I love the stories that can be created with online videos on places like YouTube.

First, I did video game highlights and video game lowlights assignments, each of them worth 3 stars. This was the most fun I had doing the assignments and also the videos I’m most proud of with regards to how I’ve done the editing, as well as the message each portrays. I can make myself seem good or bad at the game simply by editing together specific clips and adding an appropriate background song.

Gaming Highlights Made to Look Good

Gaming Fails Made to Look Bad

Next, for 4 stars I took a humorous approach to a 30 second documentary post, the challenge here being that I made myself use 30 seconds exactly for the final resulting video.

Every Night at 1 AM…

Then, finally I compiled a cat compilation based on my favorite videos of my various cats and kittens on my phone, worth 2 stars, which turned out very adorable so you should check that out below.

My Love of Cats: Kitter Appreciation?

Finally, as always here’s a link to my daily creates for the week! I hope everyone had a great week and it wasn’t as stressful as mine was this week!

Daily Creativity: Week 11

Weekly Summary: Week 10

Can you believe it’s already week 10? It’s going by so fast suddenly! This week was video assignments, and I enjoyed doing most of them, especially because I already have a good quality video editing program I bought a while ago, adobe premiere elements 14. There was a time when I thought I’d try editing videos for fun, so I’d purchased that before and had a bit of experience with it. I’d imagine if I didn’t have that program and know at least how to use its basic functions, this would be a very difficult week, especially since there are so few free options for video editing. But because I like video editing, this week was good for me!

I chose the option to do 12 stars worth of video assignments this week. First, I showed the duration of my Monday through 5 seconds of video every hour in the following assignment for 3 stars.

A Day in the Life… of a College Student

Next, I showed my favorite transitions in the following assignment for 4 stars, which was one of the most fun since I got to explore the options my editing program had, a useful project for beginning editors I’d recommend.

A Plethora of Pets

Next I explored the archetype of the wolf in sheep’s clothing for 3 stars. This one was fun since it was a 5 second video.

Archetype: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing in Five Seconds

Last but not least, I learned that my Playstation could upload videos to Youtube in the following assignment for 2 stars.

An Amazing Hobby

You can also see my daily creates for the week in the following post.

Daily Creativity: Week 10

Finally, the additional assignment we were tasked with this week was to create a video essay on a specific movie/TV scene. This was the most difficult and time consuming of them all, but I do enjoy analyzing aspects of the movies and shows that I watch.

Video Essay: The Cinematography of Hannibal

Weekly Summary: Week 8

I hope everyone’s had an excellent week making all our of radio shows and enjoying fall break! It was a bit hectic in our group trying to get everything together this week, but in the end, our show succeeded because of everyone’s great work! In the Super Storyteller’s group, we were all able to create radio segments, commercials, and bumpers to be included in our news show.

Most of my reflections on that processes can be seen in the radio show reflection update post I’ll show below.

Super Storytellers: The News Show Week 2

Most importantly, that post above includes our finalized radio show, which I’ll link below again, in case you missed it!

This week, I also did two daily creates, and I enjoyed doing them both over fall break this time. Here’s a post about them below.

Daily Creativity: Week 8

Weekly Summary: Week 7

It’s been a crazy week this week! As usual, I’ve been swamped my work from this class and so many others. This semester is far more cramped than any I’ve had previously and it’s going slower as a result… but I’ve made it to week 7 now! As usual, here’s my work for the week.

First, this week we created our groups for the radio show project, which we’ll be working on for this week and the next. We’ve got our group all set up and started working, and I think it will work out wonderfully! You can see my post summarizing our group’s project thus far here.

DS106 News Show Update: Super Storytellers

Additionally, here’s my deign promo for our show! Be sure to check it out and our show when it comes out!

A Splash of Design for DS106 Radio News

Next, I completed 10 stars of audio assignments for the week, two of which will be used in the radio project. First, for 3.5 stars I created a commercial about vampire repellent for our show, which is the one I’m most proud of this week! I really loved making it and I can’t wait to hear it on the show.

Vampire Repellant

Second, I created another radio bumper specific to our news show project, for 4 stars. It was much easier to make a bumper this time around!

A Second Radio Bumper: News Edition!

Finally, though not related to our project, I recorded a poem with appropriate punctuation sound effects in the following assignment for 2.5 stars. While I’d suggest upping the star value on this one, it was really fun to make!

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright…

Last but not least you can check out my Daily Creates for the week here.

Daily Creativity: Week 7


Weeky Summary: Week 6

This week, I managed to get most of my assignments done earlier in the week, since I knew I had a math test on Thursday, and I’m very happy with that decision! Our theme for the week was design, which I found very interesting, and I really enjoyed it; thus far I think this week and visual assignment week were my two favorites. This week I got to experiment with and with Microsoft Publisher, two programs I wasn’t very familiar with before, but would definitely use again in a future project. Unlike Audacity, these programs were intuitively easy to use and I didn’t find it difficult to create simple digital designs with all the tools we have available!

First, for the week, you can see my thoughts on design and a few readings on it.

How To Design

Next, as always, I made a post summarizing my daily creates for the week! Check it out below.

Daily Creativity: Week 6

Then, you can visit my designblitz challenge, where I had to find design examples and take pictures of them throughout the week. I thought this one would be most challenging, but actually I found it really fun thinking of objects to photograph that were designed well according to the design principles we were looking for.

Designs of Daily Life

Finally, I completed 12 stars worth (exactly 12 stars worth, which I’m proud of) of design assignments! It was fun looking through this assignment bank and I found it easy to see which ones I was interested in this time; I think as time goes on I’m becoming better at looking through the assignments to find the ones I’ll enjoy doing the most. Two of these assignments relate to my character, which I’ll link to first.

First, I generated two cool name icons for Callen in my first assignment for 3 stars. This was a fun one (as you can see, since I made 2 icons instead of just one).

What’s in a Name?

Second, I made a word cloud for Callen for 2 more stars; I think word clouds are pretty cool and it got me thinking about my character and words that could be freely associated with him.

The Shape of Words

Third, for 3 stars, I told the story of a movie in only 4 simple icons, leaving it up to commenters to decide what movie my icons represented! This one was by far my favorite of the week since it shows the power of minimalist design and I loved exploring the icons from the Noun Project, and awesome site you can visit to get so many different icons. There were more icons there than I knew existed, and it made me want to use icons for everything I do from now on.

A Story in Four Icons: Can you guess the movie?

My last assignment for the week was worth 4 stars to create a Venn Diagram of popular culture icons. This one was the most difficult of them all, because it took a while to figure out what figure or character I could use for each place on the diagram.

The Many Shades of Hannibal Lecter: A Venn Diagram

And that’s it for this week! I’m curious to see what theme we’ll be exploring next week and I hope I’ll have the same motivation to complete my assignments earlier in the week!

Weekly Summary: Week 5

This week, I worked out of my comfort zone to discover new things about audio storytelling. Throughout the week, I’ve gained a new appreciation and understanding of audio storytelling, and how it can create stories that are unique from any other medium.

I found this week more difficult than the writing and visual storytelling weeks, perhaps because I was most unfamiliar with it. I struggled a bit with audio editing in Audacity until I got a handle on its basic functionalities, and I think I managed to scratch the surface of audio storytelling. I hope you enjoy my creations for this week!

First, you can check out my thoughts on audio storytelling and some examples I listened to.

Thoughts on Audio Storytelling

Next, I participated in a live tweeting event with DS106 radio, which was the highlight of the week for me; I found it fun to listen along to the story with my fellow classmates from afar!

Live Tweeting with the Anansi Boys

Then, here’s my post that summarizes my 3 daily creates of the week. They’re always a joy!

Daily Creativity: Week 5

After that, you can see my 12.5 stars worth of assignments I completed for the week, which took up most of my time for the week, working with Audacity and often.

Here’s my post about a story told only through sound effects, for 4 stars, which I’m most proud of this week overall.

A Realistic Horror Story

Second, I twisted my tongue for 3 more stars in this assignment, a unique assignment.

Botter’s Butter on a Timer

For my third assignment, and 2 stars, I complied my favorite sounds.

My Favorite Sounds: Peace and Animals

Lastly, for 3.5 stars, I tried my hand at creating a poem that described both my blog theme and my character. This was challenging, but interesting.

A Sonnet of my Blog and my Vampire

I did also create a Bumper for the DS106 radio, which you can listen to in the blog post below. Additionally, I complied a brain dump which lists ideas for our upcoming DS106 radio show project!

The Legendary DS106 Radio

Laundry List of Radio Show Ideas

That’s all for this week! It’s been fun seeing what everyone’s created this week and I’m excited to learn what form of storytelling we’ll be exploring next week.



Weekly Summary: Weeks 3 and 4

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, that’s for sure, with a Hurricane in the area, and the unfortunate weather that followed. Personally, despite having the university closed a few days, I’ve been swamped with work from all of my other classes and this one, and it took a lot of work to get to this combined summary but I finally manages to get here! I hope in the coming weeks, I’ll get more used to the workload.

Week 3

Week 3 was focused entirely on writing, which excited me, since I love creative writing! Despite this or perhaps because of this, so many of these posts remained in my drafts for longer than they should have, as I wrote when inspiration struck. Still, I enjoyed this section immensely! So, here are all of my writing creations for that week.

First, you can see my analysis of Neil Gaiman’s A Study in Emerald, which I enjoyed reading because it contains a Sherlock Holmes type story with a unique mythological twist in addition to some fantastic writing. I enjoyed writing that analysis.

A Tale of Sherlock Holmes and Lovecraft

Then, you can read the post which contains an introduction to my character that I’ll be using for the class, a vampire who is also a surgeon! This post was the most difficult for me this week, because I’ve never created a character myself before. It’s easiest for me to write about re-existing characters that I’m interested in, but creating my own was a more daunting task. I hope I’ve succeeded somewhat, and I’ll continue to improve the quality of my character as the course progresses.

A Vampire in the Modern World

Next, you can see my 3 daily creates for week 3, which are all summarized in the following post for convenience. They’re always fun!

Daily Creativity: Week Three

Next, I had to do 10 stars worth of assignments from the writing assignment bank, though I ended up with 11.5 stars worth of writing assignments, since none of the one star assignments inspired me.

First I did the TV Guide remix assignment on the first Harry Potter movie, which was a fun creative task for me. This was worth 2.5 stars.

Harry Potter and how old were those kids??

Second, I did the write an alternate ending assignment for 3.5 stars, which was my favorite. I love writing stories, especially about character that I know and love, like Castiel from Supernatral,  a show that is an excellent example of storytelling using Urban Legends and other mythology.

Supernatural: A Road Well-Travelled

Third, I did the video game review assignment for 3 stars, which was also great since I love analyzing why I love the games that I do and it’s a great representation of the theme.

God of War Review: A Tale of Norse Mythology

Finally, I wrote a Haiku about myself for 2.5 stars which took some work to get right, but was still an interesting exercise.

That Aha! Moment

Week 4

The fourth week was focused on Visual Storytelling. Honestly, I have very littler experience with this one as compared to the previous week on writing. However, I learned that I really find storytelling and editing with visuals to be something I’m really interested in. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn, but never got the chance to before now! This week was time-consuming, however, I found the end results of my work to be rewarding, especially because I got to choose the assignments I found interesting to me personally. The first half of this week, I was swamped by math work, and I had to do this work in the later half of the week, which ended up taking much longer than expected, so I’ll have to work on that in the future! You can see the work I’ve done for the fourth week below.

First, you can see my 3 daily creates for week 4 in the post below. I got them done early in the week, which was great!

Daily Creativity: Week Four

Next, you can see my post describing my experience with photography, which is highly limited. Still, it got me thinking about photography in ways I hadn’t considered before.

An Amateur Photographer

Next, after reading some resources on photography, I compiled a set of screenshots from my favorite show, Supernatural, which highlighted important photography tips and themes. This helped me think more about what makes a photo meaningful.

Supernatural Cinematography as told through Photos

The next assignment is one related to my character, where I had to create a collage that represented him. I had the most fun with this one as compared to all others this week. I loved looking up images that would create the mood I intended and represent my character in an interesting light in a way that words couldn’t. Collages are my new favorite thing. Though this was from the assignment bank, it didn’t count for stars this week.

Vampurr Collage

Next, I had to do at least 10 stars worth of assignments in the Visual Storytelling assignment bank, and I ended up with 10.5 stars at the end of the week.

First, I created a collage of my pet for 3.5 stars, further solidifying my love of collages.

My Love of Orange Kittens

Next, I created an image of something reflected in an eye for 3.5 stars. I chose this post to be the second one this week to relate to my character.

Fear in the Eyes

My final assignment was to create art with only 4 lines, 5 dots and 1 curve for 3.5 stars.

A Computer Scientist’s Attempt at Art

My final task for this week was to do a Photoblitz and take pictures of many things in only 20 minutes. This assignment was fun an challenging, and caused me to think on photography skills I learned previously in the week.

Quick! Snap a photo!