Vampire Repellent V2

Though not for stars, this week we were tasked with modifying a web page to tell our own story. See a link to my modified web page here.

For this assignment, I chose to edit an Amazon product page, to display my own product, Vampire Repellent. You may remember this particular product, from my commercial for my radio show last week. I decided to use this because I wanted to do more with the product idea, since I found it an amusing expansion on the worl my character Callen Zelrich’s world. In fact, points to you if you can spot where he’s mentioned in the reworked page. Extra double points to you if you can spot another character mentioned on this page that I used in my radio show segment, when interviewing customers about Callen’s capture (hint: she mentioned in my segment that she purchased the product). I really liked my idea for this because I thought I created these fun easter eggs and I think it turned out well!

To do this assignment, I used the Mozilla Googles as was recommended. It was easy to install and use them, because once you have them installed you can simply click on any object on the screen and are able to edit the html and css instantly. I thought that was pretty cool. It was however, difficult since Amazon is a page that is pretty complicated, and has a lot of text, though I hope I was able to make it believable in the end, especially with the reviews I wrote for the product. It took far more time than I expected to complete this, but I’m glad I learned how to do it, and it’s a unique style of storytelling I hadn’t considered before.

My Dream Room: Probably a Mess

For my second assignment this week, which is this one for 4 and a half stars, is to design my own room using Pinterest as inspiration. I made a board which is a collection of the pictures that would inspire my design of this dream room. Check out my board here.

For this assignment, I had to create a Pinterest account, since I’ve never had one before. I learned, while looking through so much stuff to find stuff for my room that I’m not good at designing something cohesively or looking through Pinterest. Still, it was fun. My desired room has a strange mix of more classy, grown-up objects along with nerdy objects, and I’m not sure if those can go together, but that’s how it goes! I always liked having a day bed, and the style of wooden furniture, and a soft, grey rug, like the one in my pins. It’s similar to my room now, minus the rug, which probably speaks a lot about that. I also would have a great video game setup in my dream room, with a couch and a place to store all my video games and consoles, so I can play with friends. I’d also have a nice desk with triple monitors in this dream world, so I could do my coding on three screens. For my walls, I’ve always liked Van Gough paintings, so I’d like to have posters or canvases of those. Additionally, I’ve always wanted the door of my room to look like a TARDIS from Doctor Who and I loved that picture I found in my pins, with the Death Star and space as an added bonus. Finally, I added in an ice cream machine, since the assignment said to go all out; I really love ice cream, especially soft serve, and who wouldn’t want their own personal ice cream maker in their room?

It was very simple to use Pinterest for this assignment, as you can simply create a ‘board’ for your room and search for stuff to ‘pin’ to your board. I’d recommend this assignment to others!





A Very Supernatural Quiz

For my second assignment this week, I chose to do this one for 2 and a half stars, to create a quiz that show’s my knowledge of a particular story. I chose to make mine based off my favorite TV show, Supernatural (If you didn’t notice that was my favorite by now). To take the quiz, follow the link here.

I chose to make this quiz a personality quiz, so here, the quiz will tell you which of 4 supernatural characters you are most like! Personally, I love these sort of personality quizzes, because they’re fun, especially if you like the source material it’s based off of (even if we all know we just take them with a character we’re intending to answer for, just to get them as a result). Personally, I’ve wasted many minutes of my life here and there, taking these silly quizzes about TV shows I like. And it’s always interesting to see how accurate you think they’re going to be, and to see if you’re getting the same results that other people are getting. I hope you like the final result of my quiz, let me know in the comments below who you got!

It was straightforward and very fun to make this quiz. I created an account on quotev, a site that holds both stories and quizzes. It was surprisingly easy to use the quiz function there, as you simply hit the ‘Create’ tab and chose to create a personality quiz or a quiz based on answer correctness. Here I just selected the personality quiz and I could easily add results, which I recommend adding first, then questions. You simply select which result each question answer goes with, add various descriptions for everything, and you’ve made your quiz.

Guess this Grimm Legend in Gifs

For my first assignment week, this one for 3 stars, I had to tell a myth, legend, folktale, or other story using only gifs and post it for everyone to guess which story it’s telling.

This was a very fun assignment which I enjoyed; it reminded me of the previous one I did for design week, which was to tell a story using only 4 simple icons. I love the idea of reducing a story to its main elements, and I found this gif challenge to result in more amusing results. While the icon challenge created more serious results, the nature of gifs results in a more comical version of the story, which easily makes fun of it. Gifs and especially the way we use them on the web to express emotion or funny ideas and stories like this, are a unique and important form of storytelling, in my opinion. I always love gifs.

To complete this assignment, I simply thought of an existing legend I wanted to display, which came easily to me. Then, I searched for my 5 gifs on giphy as suggested in the assignment post, and right clicked to save them to my computer and then upload them as images to this blog post, since linking them here was only working for some of the gifs. The most difficult thing here was choosing the right gifs, especially since I wanted to chose some that were amusing to me.

So, can you guess this legend or tale? How easy was it to guess?

Hint: Think classic Grimm tales.

Gif Credits Below:

How Google Learned to Play Pictionary

The second assignment I’ve done this week, which can he found here, was to play the following game in which it asks you to draw 6 items and google will attempt to guess what they are.

You can see my results below, as I played the game a few more times than was necessary (because I found it very entertaining).

It’s given that I’m not an artist, especially with a laptop touchpad. I particularly enjoy my attempt at a goatee. You can also see my post about this assignment on Twitter too:

I chose this particular assignment, after seeing another classmate, Emily, post about it here. When I saw it I knew it was one I needed to do, so be sure to check out her post on it! The main reason I was intrigued by this game is because I’m a Computer Science major and I’m very interested in machine learning; I’m actually taking a Data Mining class on machine learning this semester. It’s amazing how far we’ve come, that machines can actually learn to do things like recognize similar drawings, based on previous data. On this website, you can actually see what google interpreted your drawings as when it got them incorrect. For example with the sleeping bag I drew, the computer thought it was close to a pool, basketball, or a diving board.

I find this very fascinating, because, machine learning such as this is a part of our lives these days, with facial recognition, language translation, and even something as simple as an algorithm that recommends you songs they might like based on other customers who have similar music taste to you. Google even taught itself how to walk recently:

I think this kind of machine intelligence is important for the future, and this simple quickdraw game is a great example of that. Try it out for yourself! It’s as simple as going to the site and following the directions.