A Computer Scientist’s Attempt at Art

The final Visual Assignment I’ve chosen to do for this week is for 3 and a half stars, and it can be found here. It was to create digital art using only 4 Lines, 5 Dots,  and 1 Curve.

This was a very fun piece to make! To be honest, I don’t really have much experience in making art, or digital art, in the first place. The last time I used paint must have been in my childhood. I used to really enjoy using it to make nonsense pictures, as you do when you’re a kid and paint is the most exciting thing you could possibly find on a computer. I chose to draw a bird here since I figured it would fit well with the simple shapes given, and I do love birds. Often, I like to sit with my parents and watch the birds at our bird feeder out front. Like suggested in the assignment, I tried to play around with the sizes of the dots and lines, as well as some of the textures, like on the bird’s feathers and on the curve that represents the tree branch. I think, with my level or artistry in consideration, that it didn’t turn out so bad! At least, my childhood self would’ve enjoyed this creation.

There’s little tutorial I can provide for this assignment, except to have at it using paint or your other favorite digital drawing tool! This is a fun assignment to do when you start messing with the colors and textures of your dots and lines, and you have to really think about using your resources wisely. I do enjoy this sort of minimal art!

I also posted this creation to Instagram, but the resolution didn’t turn out as well there.

Fear in the Eyes

This is the second assignment I’m doing this week for stars! This assignment is worth 3 and a half stars, and it’s the assignment I’m choosing to related to my character, Callen Zelrich, for the week.

The assignment is to take a picture of an eye and overlay an image of something on it, to make it seem like the image is reflected in the eye. Taking this premise, I used my character’s eye instead of my own. The images I used for this work can be found here for the eye, here for the police lights, and here for the vampire teeth. With this image, I intend to convey what my character’s greatest fears are; I think of the picture as one more symbolic than portraying an actual scene the character is in, as the eyes are supposed to represent the windows to the soul. One of Cal’s deepest fear’s and source of guilt relates to the vampire teeth, as the identity of himself as a vampire. This stretches back to his past when he was turned by a savage pack of vampires in the woods. So, this image could represent two fears, either the return of another one of his kind, or fear of what’s in himself, fear of acting out and becoming the monster he fears he is. Relating to the latter is the image of police lights. Cal’s best friend is an officer on the force, Dan, whom he befriended when the officer had taken in a victim who needed emergency heart surgery; saving the patient, the two formed a bond of professional respect and friendship. This is his other greatest fear, that those he knows, as well as society in general will discover who he is, or worse, discover who he is when his control breaks and he acts out.

This assignment was another fun one to make using the free app Pixlr. Once I found the subject I wanted to display and the images I wanted to use, I worked on overlaying the two images on the eye. To add a second picture in Pixlr, I used the ‘double exposure’ picture, and I edited each picture once I had it on the other one. I erased the parts of the picture I didn’t want included, like the rest of the vampire’s face and then I set the filter of the images to be overlayed, placing them where I wanted. I played with the other features, such as the contract and brightness, to give the picture an overall darker tone. The more I used photo editing software, the easier it is becoming to figure out how to use many of the features. I’d recommend the app for anyone looking for a free photo editor!



Vampurr Collage

This week, I’m representing the character I created in my previous post, Callen Zelrich, in collage form! While this assignment doesn’t count for stars, it is in the assignment bank here, with a description to describe yourself, or in this case, your character using a collage of pictures and/or words that are meaningful to you!

If you’re not familiar with Cal, you can check out my introduction post on him, otherwise, I hope this collage can tell you the story just as well, if not better than words. Cal is, in summary, a vampire with a dark past trying to better himself, now a surgeon. With this collage, I wanted to capture both what is meaningful to him, and what plagues him, to give meaning with contrasting pictures, since he is a character filled with contrast.

Links are provided to each picture! Starting from the top upper left, I have a picture of a casually dressed man to show the general aesthetic of the character without giving a portrait. Then, I have a picture of a doctor shaking hands with a patient, showing the good Cal is working to do in his life now; he always feels best about himself when he’s able to help someone in any way. The next are vampire teeth, which represent, besides the obvious, the darker part of his nature that Cal is trying to hide and move away from. The quote that follows is one I thought encapsulated Cal’s feelings on life, as he, ultimately, is just trying to be a better person, even with the odds stacked against him. The next is a close up of a doctor’s coat, again showing what he values in his life and career. The image of the bloody scalpel has a sort of contrast in itself in that blood is integral to many parts of Cal’s life, since it’s something he needs to survive and it’s something he touches everyday to save people’s lives. Additionally, I found the meme of the ‘Vampurr’ cat amusing and I thought Cal might find it that way as well, giving some sense of humor to his personality too. Finally, the image of books represents both Cal’s hard work in his studies to become a surgeon, and one of his favorite hobbies; as someone who’s old fashioned, he thinks there’s nothing better to do than curl up with a good book and relax.

I had a lot of fun making this assignment! In order to create it, I used Pixlr, a free app that allows you to create collages. The most difficult part of this task was really searching online for the right pictures to fit the mood I wanted to convey of the character. Sometimes, you go through so many only to never find any of the object/scene you have in mind and other times the right picture is waiting at the top of the search results. It just takes time to carefully chose each image, as well as the collage layout. I also did a bit of filtering on some of the pictures, to make some of them darker since many of the photos were obnoxiously bright, especially in the images I wanted to use to create a darker mood. This was easily done with the filter editing that can be done in Pixlr. Then, I uploaded my collage to Instagram, and it was all good to go!

My Love of Orange Kittens

When I saw this assignment to create a collage of photos of my favorite pet for 3 and a half stars I immediately became excited! I don’t know if you can tell from my past posts, but I’m quite fond of my two little orange kittens.

Honestly, seeing these delightful little balls of fun can easily turn any day into a great one, and I love them with all my heart. They’re the sweetest and most lovely kittens I’ve ever had, and I’d been searching for orange kittens for a while, until I saw an offer at the local shelter. I’ll always remember the day that I got them with my dad, and we couldn’t decide which to take, so we just had to get both. Their names are Tiger, who has the unfortunate nickname of Poop-foot because of an unfortunate incident with the litter box that happened a while ago and Pumpkin, who adopted the nickname Darth Vader since he had a cold for a while. Tiger is the kitten in both larger photos and Pumpkin is the one curled up on a plate in the upper right and with his face in the upper right small picture in the lower left quadrant.

In this collage, I tried to create some meaning, since the photo on the bottom right quadrant is one of the first pictures I took of Tiger when I first got him, and what I think is the most beautiful one with his blue eyes (which are only around for a while when they’re young) and long whiskers. In the upper left is the most recent picture I’ve taken of him. Only about 3 months have passed since I got them and they’ve grown so much already, especially Tiger, while Pumpkin hasn’t grown quite as much. Tiger is a cat who loved to be picked up and cuddled, in fact he cries at me when I come home to be held, and I’m always so surprised by how big he’s gotten so fast! In the upper right pictures, I put together ones of them in funny positions together, and in the bottom left I simply collected ones of them being specifically adorable.

This collage was surprisingly fun and easy to make! I used Pixlr, which is a free photo-editing app. With it you can chose several different orientations of collages to create, and I chose this one since I wanted to have a lot of photos included in the frame, and some different sizes than others. I’d highly recommend that app if you’re interested in making collages, as the hardest part is choosing which photos to include!

Ready to Pounce

I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones, so I was very excited to see this assignment in the Visual Assignments section. The assignment was to visit this website, and to create a Game of Thrones house and sigil. To do this assignment, you can select ‘Create My House’ to customize your sigil. You can change the name, the house motto, background designs and color, as well as the logo designs and colors. As a tip, you can add more than one logo to make it interesting!

Game of Thrones is one of my favorite TV shows and I always renew my HBO subscription when it comes back on, prepared to watch it once with my dad, and once with a close friend of mine who also loves the show. So I knew I had to do this one. I chose a logo with a panther, since I love cats (if you haven’t noticed) and I thought the leaping panther looked pretty awesome. I also added a bow and the motto ‘Ready to Pounce’. I imagine that Jessi is a southern house, since it’s warmer where I imagine panthers live in Westeros. The panther and the arrow signify that they are ‘ready to ponce’ on the throne.

Is there a limit on bad puns per blog post? Hopefully not. Anyway, I think that any Game of Thrones fan who finds this assignment will be delighted and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my house sigil!