Google Tried: A PowerPoint Presentation

For my second remix this week, I chose to remix my google draw assignment from the beginning of the semester. The remix I created is at the following link. The task here was:

When I saw this pop up while reloading the remix for this assignment, I instantly became excited because I love designing PowerPoint presentation. This was my chance to create a terrible one! Personally, it always bothers me when people break the PowerPoint presentation rules – e.g. using too much text, too many pictures, bad fonts or designs, etc. So, I created my worst nightmare here. Overall, I decided to take a more comical approach to the remix description and went with create a PowerPoint presentation that describes and advertises my version of the assignment and encourages others to read it. Basically it is my entire assignment description from my blog post of the assignment, except in Terrible PowerPoint Format.

I tried to violate all possible PowerPoint rules when designing this presentation. I used Comic Sans for every font in the presentation and I used random different colors and sizes for the text, so nothing was consistent. On one slide I wrote too much to fit on the slide, and often I used more white space than necessary on others. Often, I allowed text and images not to be formatted or sized properly so you couldn’t read/see either the text of the image clearly because they overlap awkwardly. On the second slide I inserted far too many pictures in a terrible layout, and I added a poor/humorous graphic, ‘I dont even think you tried at all’, to make fun of google for not guessing that particular drawing. The graphic is from google images and can be found here.

Overall, this was an extremely fun assignment! I’d highly recommend this remix (and the original assignment, if you can’t tell from the PowerPoint’s encouragement). I think there is a true art form to creating something purposefully bad, in that it becomes something good/humorous in the end. PowerPoint is the perfect tool for creating funny little presentations like this, which I think is a unique form of digital storytelling in itself.