My Favorite Sounds… And Where’s the Waldo Transition?

For my first remix this week I chose to remix this assignment I did previously from audio week, where I compiled a track of my favorite songs. I received this instruction from the remix generator after a few tries of finding an appropriate remix:

To do this assignment I pulled out my trusty Audacity program and loaded in the audio I’d created for my previous version of this post. I recorded myself whispering ‘waldo’ once to add the Waldo element to the assignment. Then, I decided to put Waldo in more than one place in the audio, and it turned into using ‘waldo’ as a kind of transition between my various favorite sounds, as you can hear in the resulting audio.

As a kid, looking at Where’s Waldo books was one of my favorite pastimes, since my Grandma always had so many of those books and I’d always read them while going on various trips and vacations with my grandparents in their motor home. So, Waldo, to me is full of great and adventurous memories. This video however, transforming waldo into an audio medium ended up becoming a bit creepy. Since I’d whispered waldo for maximum effect, using it as a transition between my favorite sounds gave the overall experience a slightly creepy and ominous effect. So, consider the original product transformed, then?