Super Storytellers: The News Show Week 2

This week we were tasked to finish our radio show with our groups, and this is a post summarizing how that went for the week. This week, Just Zaying was kind enough to put the final product of the radio show together, after we had each given him our work for it, including our segments for the news show, commercials, and radio bumpers. At first it was difficult for us all to coordinate this because all of our schedules are so different and it was fall break, but we managed to get it done by Wednesday this week!

For my segment on the news show, I chose to create a Breaking News story in which my character, the vampire and surgeon Callen Zelrich was arrested for a suspected homicide which was rumored to be committed by a vampire, given the condition of the body. It also includes some interview from opposing sides that both praise Cal and accuse him, to show the public’s divided opinion on the matter. I didn’t think making a radio show would be something I ever did or enjoyed, but actually it was pretty fun to do. I first made a script and then recorded the parts of it, adding in some music and I tried my hand at changing my voice, to make it deeper, to sound like one of the male characters I was interviewing on the show. I used this tutorial to do that and while it doesn’t really sound like a man (I tried), it does sound distinct from the other voices and certainly deeper.

I think it turned out well in the end! Here’s my segment of the show.

Next, here’s my group, the Super Storyteller’s full radio show! It’s a news show that includes all of our different segments and characters and it turned out awesome thanks to everyone’s hard work the past two weeks. Give it a listen!