Can you Guess my Favorite TV Shows?

For my first assignment this week I’ve done this one for 4 stars. The assignment is as follows:

Create a mashup of 6 video clips (either TV or Movie) no longer than 2 seconds each. See if anyone can guess your favorite films!

Please watch the above video to see the clips and guess what TV shows they are in the comments below! You can pause the video before the answers are given at the end, to see if you were right!

I absolutely love the assignments like this which involve commenters guessing the story you’re trying to tell, as it gives the assignments more of an interactive nature. The story of this video however is simple, as it contains short clips (2 seconds each) from 6 of my favorite TV shows! The challenge here was picking out 6 favorites (I love a lot of TV) and then choosing only 6 seconds of them from available YouTube clips. I tried to chose scenes that were not necessarily iconic or well-known to make it more difficult and yet, if you like the show involved and you see the clip, you should be able to recognize it easily. Anyway, I supposed already one or two of the shows aren’t as well-known so I’m not sure if many people will be able to guess them all! Surely you all can at least guess a few of them?

To to this assignment, I used the 4K video downloader to download clips of the scenes I wanted, then I used Adobe Premiere Elements 15 to edit the clips down to the 2 seconds from each and create the mashup of all the clips. I added background music, which is Wrong by VYEN from YouTube’s copyright free music section. Additionally I added a title and some text at the end of the video that reveals the answers to what TV shows are shown.

Did you get any of them right in your guesses?