Final Project To Do List

The plan for my final project has changed significantly throughout the week, as it originally started as one idea and now it’s turned into another. I’ve decided ultimately I want to continue my character’s story, specifically the story I started in the last group project, in which my character Callen, a vampire who is also a surgeon, was arrested and accused of murder. In that radio show segment, I focused on interviews of people commenting on him, but for the final project, I want to show Cal’s perspective.

First, I’m going to be creating a radio show interview as another segment from DS106 Radio news. This will be an interview of Cal and his perspective on the whole project, to tie together that story and give him a chance to defend himself and for everyone to hear his side of the story. Since I enjoyed making the interviews before, I thought this would be a good idea. I’ll also be using visual storytelling to create a poster/advertisement for this radio show interview, since it’s so highly anticipated in the community in Cal’s world.

For an alternate style to that interview, I’m going to next involve web storytelling a bit more. I plan on creating a Twitter account for Cal and allow him to have a Twitter Q&A session with people on Twitter. I expect this one to have a more humorous tone than the radio show interview, as I could have people ask some funny questions. I’ll see if anyone from the class wants to give him questions, otherwise I’ll use my own Twitter account to ask the questions, and maybe I’ll edit the web page so that they appear to be different people and not just me, it depends on how that works when I get to that point and how much time I have on my hands.

This week, I’ve just been working on starting to write up a script for my radio show. I really hope that I can record the show and get started on the other portions, so that I can finish this project early next week so I’m ready to focus on my finals. Can’t wait to see what everyone else has thought of!