Daily Creativity Week 12

Week 12 already everyone! Hooray! This week I had fun with the daily creates, as usual. Particularly I loved the one in which we all had to caption an amusing comic strip, because I loved seeing all the different and clever things people had come up with. The best part of the daily creates is always seeing the awesome things everyone else made that you’d never think of yourself. Anyway, here are mine!

Daily Creativity: Week 11

Daily creates for this week were as fun as ever! I enjoyed sharing some great memories this week, as I noticed that was a theme among the creates.

Daily Creativity: Week 10

As always, daily creates are the most fun I’ve had in this class’ assignments! Here are the two I did this week. The first was a fun one that had me thinking about generic modern products and the second featuring a T-shirt I’d like to keep for a while.

Daily Creativity Week 9 With a Story

This week we were tasked to create a story that goes along with all our daily creates. With the theme this week of Halloween, my story is a realistic one of what Halloween means to me. As a kid, I always loved Halloween, and I think it might’ve even been my favorite holiday, at least tied with Christmas, since my family would always decorate the house just as much for Halloween as we did for Christmas. I remember once, we’d had a Halloween party at the house and we’d make our whole yard look like a graveyard, complete with the witches cat and fog. We’d make many decorations too, for the inside, including a life-sized mummy and little ghosts and spiders to put everywhere. It was always a spectacle. My mom has also always loved weird, funny decorations, and even though I’m not a kid anymore, we still decorate for Halloween. This decoration, of a ghost that appears pregnant is always one that gives us laughs, and it’s one of my favorites.

My parents would also always take me to the pumpkin patches when I was a kid. I remember doing on scary haunted hay rides which terrified me, but most of all I loved taking home the pumpkins and carving them. Aside from ghost themed decorations, pumpkins were always my next favorite.

My favorite thing to do, by far, though, was to trick-or-treat with my best friend who I’ve known for most of my life. We’d always trick-or-treat together in her neighborhood with both of our dads in the truck not far behind us. I loved dressing up for Halloween, and I was always something silly, like a dinosaur, a chicken, or in this case, Dumbledore, while my friend was often a princess, a cat, or an undead bride. Some of my best memories are of Halloween, with my family and my friends.



Daily Creativity: Week 8

Welcome to my two daily creates for this week, one less than usual because it’s fall break and radio show week! The first one here features the new door my parents are installing in the house, and the second, a plush ‘friend’ of mine! These were both fun.

Daily Creativity: Week 7

We’re moving into week 7 already! Here’s my DailyCreates for the week, all summarized in one post, as usual. I particularly enjoyed the one where we had to create a chain of creativity, and each edit the image the previous person had posted! I hope there will be more daily creates like that one in the future, as we made a crazy Halloween creation with this one!

Daily Creativity: Week 6

The weeks are going by so fast, I almost forgot what week we were on! As usual, here you can see my 3 daily creates for the week, fun little creative challenges that I always enjoy. See them below!

Daily Creativity: Week 5

I’m excited because this week I got my daily creates done pretty early! There were some fun ones this week, I particularly liked seeing what everyone wanted to take with them to their doomsday shelter. I really need to have my kittens when I get in there! Here are my 3 daily creates for the week.

My doomsday shelter list I mentioned is first.

Then, can you guess the year I was born?

Finally, I combined some of my favorite media today!


Daily Creativity: Week Four

Welcome to a post summarizing my daily creates for the fourth week, which continue to be the highlight of my coursework every week without fail. Also, I think I just noticed this week that you’re supposed to reply to the original daily create tweet with your response! Oops, so I’ll be doing that from now on!

First, you can see my attempt at being an artist.

Second, you can see my post on memes. With this daily create I was surprised to learn the true definition of the term meme!

For my final one, it was talk like a pirate day, which is an excellent topic!

Daily Creativity: Week Three

What a crazy week this one has been! As usual, I’m gathering all of my daily creates from Twitter here in one post! As always, the Daily Creates have been a nice break from my usual coursework. Also, I think there might be a pet related theme reoccurring in my daily creates…

First, here is my response to a strange latte (which is my first time ever using an image editing tool, Pixlr, so please be kind).

Second, here is the badge I awarded my pig.

And for the third, you can see this image I edited. Spot more than one gremlin here…