A Vampire in the Modern World

Callen Zelrich has lived for a long 250 odd years, and sometimes he yearns for the simple life he had all those years ago, when he went fishing with his father to make a living. His life might have been less extravagant then, and they struggled often to make ends meet, but it was a good life. He was turned by another vampire when he was 34 years old, in something as trivial as taking the wrong step in a pack’s hunting grounds. He still doesn’t know if it was mercy or the opposite that they hadn’t drained him dry, had allowed him to continue living as one of their own. What followed for some odd years after he was first turned, when his animal instincts ruled him in an uncontrollable lust for hunger that decimated all in its path, including his parents is something Cal isn’t proud of — though it’s something he reminds himself of still to this day as someone he never wants to be again.

Nowadays, he prides himself in self-control, in becoming a better person. He knows there’s nothing he can do to make up for the damage he once caused, but he does all that he can, now he mends people rather than hurts them. It’s surprising, how well a vampire’s acute senses, knowledge of how the body works, can lend itself so well to surgery. These days, Callen is one of the most revered cardiac surgeons at Baltimore General Hospital; it’s as reformed as someone like Cal can possibly be. And if it’s convenient for a few blood bags to go missing from the hospital’s supply every few weeks, while regrettable it’s a loss he doesn’t know how to deal without, as the alternative would lead to far worse consequences.

He’s respected, and outside of work, he’s known to live a quite life with few friends from beyond work. Sometimes, it’s easy for Cal to control himself and his urges even when on the operating table, as he has something else to focus on, and he’s had a lot of practice in controlling himself. He’s a good person, he tells himself, every time he saves a life, and it feels good, even when it goes against every instinct of his own nature. But, it isn’t always easy.

Tonight is one of those nights, as he stares at the TV in his apartment, a body just found earlier that morning in the alley outside a bar he’d frequented the previous night with his best friend, Dan, a murder by the look of the odd puncture wounds in the neck–

“Cal!” There’s a rustling as the door to his apartment opens in the distance, and Cal knows that voice, it’s Dan from the previous night, his friend who most ironically is a cop. Dread filled Cal’s heart, even if it was no longer beating as his friend came into view. “Have you seen the news…?”

I hope you’ve enjoyed the introduction to the character I’ll be using for the rest of this course! Thinking of characters I could possibly create, I knew I wanted to create one who was some kind of non-human character, given the theme, so I settled on a vampire. Additionally, I love the idea of morally-ambiguous characters, so that’s the sort of route I wanted to go with this one, a vampire who is coincidentally also a surgeon, trying to better himself against his who he used to be.

I can’t wait for us all to learn more about him in the future. This is the first character I’ve ever created, so be gentle with this one!