A Duck’s Favorite Meal

Does anyone else spend too much of their time feeding leftovers to pets?

One of the assignments I’ve chosen this week, is a classic: to make a gif of an animal doing something funny. You can see the assignment post here.

These days, we can’t let a day pass by without seeing a gif or a video of a funny animal, and I think that’s something we can all cherish. Personally, seeing gifs like these that can make you laugh or smile, improves my day significantly. What improves my day even further is seeing my own pets, often doing something amusing and adorable. So, I knew this assignment was right for me and I have several humorous videos of my pets saved on my phone that would be ideal for gifs. I’ve always wanted to make gifs like these, but I never found the time to look into it until now.

For this assignment, I chose to create a gifs of my ducklings eating spagetti. My family often has some combination of ducks, chickens, and pigs at the house, and these ducks that we used to have, were one of the most amusing to watch. That day, after having spaghetti for dinner, we decided, why not, let’s give the leftovers to the ducklings and sit outside to watch them. It was a peaceful and lovely evening and I giggled often as the duckling struggled to slurp up noodles with their little bills. Truly, seeing what leftovers can be feed to animals is one of the greatest hobbies as it has the benefit of hardly ever wasting food and endless amusement.

In order to make this gif, since I don’t have any experience making gifs and I conveniently had this video on my phone, I decided to search for apps to create gifs. I downloaded a free app from iOS on my iPhone, called imgPlay. It allowed me to easily import a video from my camera roll and edit it, trimming the video to the length I wanted. It was easy to see how many frames the gif would make, preview it, and export it with different quality options. If anyone else is looking to easily create a gif from their phone like this, I’d highly recommend this app!

I hope these little ducks gave you a smile or a laugh!