Weekly Summary: Week 11

Week 11 already? Time is going by so fast near the end of the semester, it’s insane! This week was a crazy one for me again, because I had a math test and various phone interviews and other events, so I didn’t have much time to get everything done, but I still managed to do 12 stars of video assignments! I still do enjoy video editing and I love the stories that can be created with online videos on places like YouTube.

First, I did video game highlights and video game lowlights assignments, each of them worth 3 stars. This was the most fun I had doing the assignments and also the videos I’m most proud of with regards to how I’ve done the editing, as well as the message each portrays. I can make myself seem good or bad at the game simply by editing together specific clips and adding an appropriate background song.

Gaming Highlights Made to Look Good

Gaming Fails Made to Look Bad

Next, for 4 stars I took a humorous approach to a 30 second documentary post, the challenge here being that I made myself use 30 seconds exactly for the final resulting video.

Every Night at 1 AM…

Then, finally I compiled a cat compilation based on my favorite videos of my various cats and kittens on my phone, worth 2 stars, which turned out very adorable so you should check that out below.

My Love of Cats: Kitter Appreciation?

Finally, as always here’s a link to my daily creates for the week! I hope everyone had a great week and it wasn’t as stressful as mine was this week!

Daily Creativity: Week 11

Daily Creativity: Week 11

Daily creates for this week were as fun as ever! I enjoyed sharing some great memories this week, as I noticed that was a theme among the creates.

My Love of Cats: Kitter Appreciation?

For my last assignment I decided to do this one for 2 stars, entitled ‘Pupper Appreciation’, however I hijacked the assignment a bit to instead be about kitty appreciation, to show my appreciation and love for my cats through the various videos I’ve captured of them.

The story in this video is simple: I love cats and I always have and always will! There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing my furry babies when I come home from work or school and they bring me joy at every point in my life. Even making and watching this video, I had a big smile on my face. I come from a family of cat people so it isn’t surprising that I’m a cat person as well. I’ve always had cats around me since I was a kid, in fact surely more than about 3 cats around the house at any given time. I’ll be happy to keep this video to look at in the future, in further generations of my cat collection.

This time, the most difficult thing for me was surprisingly getting the photos transferred from my phone to my laptop, since I tried to email them all to myself because my icloud ran out of space so I couldn’t simply download them from there, and you cannot attach vast amounts of MB at a time. Now that I’m thinking about it though, I feel like quite an idiot, because I could’ve just used USB to connect my phone to my laptop and download them very easily… We’ll forget that happened for now.

I used once again Adobe Premiere elements to edit my video as seen in the shot above, so I simply collected which videos I wanted to use, trimmed them a bit, added transitions and titles and I was set. Once again I added music from YouTube’s copyright free music downloads selection that can be found here. The song is I don’t wanna wait by Nana Kwabena. The credit to all the songs I used can be found in the video’s credits!

Every Night at 1 AM…

This week I chose to do this assignment for 4 stars, which was to create a 30 second documentary that tells its own story.

I took a more comedic approach to this assignment, telling the story you see in the video. Does this happen to anyone else at around 1 AM? You go into the kitchen and open the fridge and inspect every item in the fridge. Do I want a drink? Do I want cheesecake? Do I want leftover dinner for a midnight snack? Do I want some vegetables? Then, you reject every item you find because you don’t feel like having any of those or you can’t make up your mind (or realize you’re to tired for this), then you go back to bed. Does this sound familiar? Feel free to share your midnight snacking occurrences below!

This assignment was easy to film (and I even remembered to turn my camera horizontally this time, amazingly). Once I filmed it I used my trusty Adobe Premiere Elements to edit the video to be exactly 30 seconds long even with the short title frame I gave it, cutting out some idle points where I just stared at my fridge. I didn’t want to add any music to the video because I wanted I thought having no music would add to the 1 AM atmosphere, and in this video, I wanted to show through video rather than tell through words or audio, as the assignment description suggested!

Gaming Fails Made to Look Bad

For my second assignment this week I did this one for 3 more stars. The goal of this assignment was to create a montage of you failing at a particular video game.

While I was doing this assignment highlighting the good points of the gaming footage I collected from Call of Duty, I realized that I edited out a lot of bad parts to make myself seem really great at the game. I realized it would be fun to do the opposite and take only my fails with this assignment available, since there were some really unfortunate moments I had in that footage, even most of one particular match I played which I failed for pretty much the entire match. It’s interesting that these videos can really pick out the good or bad parts of the footage to change the meaning of it entirely. Overall, I’d say I’m alright at the game, sometimes I play well and sometimes not, and I don’t often have much time to play and really practice at it, nor do I take it so seriously, but the two videos really show how editing can change everything about certain footage! I think this one is even more fun than the last, because with the song choice I made it was quite humorous, I think.

To edit this video I did the same as the last, using the PS4 to record my video footage and then transferring it to my laptop in order to edit it in Adobe Premiere Elements. This time I think it went faster than the last since I had more practice editing and more practice looking at the footage to find the fail moments I wanted (especially since there was one particular game I failed practically the entire time). I also experimented with some new title screens (by putting them as an overlay instead of a separate title screen) and a credits feature from Adobe Elements. The music here is Lifting Dreams by Aakash Gandhi. I hope you enjoy my fails!

Gaming Highlights Made to Look Good

For my first assignment this week I chose to do this one for 3 stars. The task was to create a montage of highlights from you doing well at a video game.

I chose this assignment to expand on what I learned in an earlier one, that the PS4 can record gameplay with the simple press of a button, without me having to buy any recording software for it. The story behind this assignment is a hidden one. When I was younger I used to always try and record myself playing games and doing game walkthroughs and such in varying unfortunate ways such as pointing a bad quality camera at my bad quality TV while it stood on a bunch of books because I didn’t have a camera stand. These embarrassing videos, along with my child’s voice narrating them, took up much of my time as a kid and exist somewhere in the internet (somewhere I don’t want to find ever again). I can’t help but think how happy my child self would be knowing the PS4 can just record itself in great quality with this new technology! (Plus now I have a video editing program and ability to use it to edit things also…)

To capture the video, once again I used my PS4; to do this you press the share button twice to start recording and once to end recording, then save the video clip to your gallery. Then I used a USB drive to transfer my clips of me playing the game from my PS4 to my laptop to edit them using Adobe Premiere Elements 15, as seen in the screenshot above. While editing my clips I gained an appreciation for people who make these videos often on YouTube, as it took a while simply to watch all of my various gameplay videos to pick out the good parts, since I’d recorded about 4 or so games to look through. I actually was able to find music for the video quite easily through YouTube, which now has a feature that specifically lists Copyright free music that they want you to download with a click of the button use in your videos for free! See this page here to get that music (looks like they have sound effects too). The music I used here is Cavalry by Aakash Gandhi. I was happy with the end product of this, because the highlights actually make it seem like I’m good at the game!

Weekly Summary: Week 10

Can you believe it’s already week 10? It’s going by so fast suddenly! This week was video assignments, and I enjoyed doing most of them, especially because I already have a good quality video editing program I bought a while ago, adobe premiere elements 14. There was a time when I thought I’d try editing videos for fun, so I’d purchased that before and had a bit of experience with it. I’d imagine if I didn’t have that program and know at least how to use its basic functions, this would be a very difficult week, especially since there are so few free options for video editing. But because I like video editing, this week was good for me!

I chose the option to do 12 stars worth of video assignments this week. First, I showed the duration of my Monday through 5 seconds of video every hour in the following assignment for 3 stars.

A Day in the Life… of a College Student

Next, I showed my favorite transitions in the following assignment for 4 stars, which was one of the most fun since I got to explore the options my editing program had, a useful project for beginning editors I’d recommend.

A Plethora of Pets

Next I explored the archetype of the wolf in sheep’s clothing for 3 stars. This one was fun since it was a 5 second video.

Archetype: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing in Five Seconds

Last but not least, I learned that my Playstation could upload videos to Youtube in the following assignment for 2 stars.

An Amazing Hobby

You can also see my daily creates for the week in the following post.

Daily Creativity: Week 10

Finally, the additional assignment we were tasked with this week was to create a video essay on a specific movie/TV scene. This was the most difficult and time consuming of them all, but I do enjoy analyzing aspects of the movies and shows that I watch.

Video Essay: The Cinematography of Hannibal

Video Essay: The Cinematography of Hannibal

Note: if you cannot view this video, check out the Vimeo link here.

This week, one of the assignments I was tasked to do, not for stars, was to create a video essay analyzing a scene of a movie (which I turned into a video essay about a scene from a TV show).

I knew when I saw this assignment I wanted to use NBC’s Hannibal for it because the show has such amazing cinematography and directing, and it’s one of my most favorite shows. I was also inspired by this video analyzing the Silence of the Lambs. It’s full or metaphors and artistic meaning and most of the scenes in the show involve simply two characters talking to each other in the same room. For context, the show begins with the profiler Will Graham investigating serial killers, with Hannibal as his psychiatrist. It is set years before the movies, so Hannibal is not yet known as a serial killer. Spoiler alert, Hannibal eventually frames Will for his crimes and Will is imprisoned for a while, until he is found not to be guilty and his released. This scene occurs when Will is released and comes into Hannibal’s office for the first time since he’s released to resume his therapy.

This was a very difficult assignment. The biggest difficulty for me was getting the audio of me speaking and the video to line up. While the idea of pausing the video in person to talk about it is a good one, it doesn’t work well for me in practice. After trying to just talk over the clip as it went I realized that wasn’t going to work as it happened much faster than I could speak. Eventually I instead just wrote a script for myself to read and recorded it, worrying about editing the video after I already had the audio. Then, I just tried to slow down some sections and repeat some clips where I had spoken about them for longer periods of time. After this I’ve gained a newfound respect for those who create video analysis and video reviews, as it’s much harder in my opinion to match and edit the video together with vocal audio than it is something like a music track. I hope you enjoy the result, since I worked hard on it!

Daily Creativity: Week 10

As always, daily creates are the most fun I’ve had in this class’ assignments! Here are the two I did this week. The first was a fun one that had me thinking about generic modern products and the second featuring a T-shirt I’d like to keep for a while.

An Amazing Hobby

For my final assignment this week, I chose this one for my last 2 stars. This assignment was a simple one, to record yourself doing your favorite hobby for 30-60 seconds.

For this assignment, I new I wanted to record myself playing video games. It’s always been my favorite hobby since I was a kid, and as far back as I remember I was always playing on my PlayStation. So, I decided to record myself playing a new game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. I really love this new game as its the ideal Spider-Man game, super fun to play, especially just web-swinging around the city. I remember playing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation 2 when I was younger, since Spider-Man was always my favorite hero, and playing this game now I’m reminded how far video games and technology have advanced since then.

To record this gameplay, I was actually able to use my PS4 to do most of the work! To record a clip on your PlayStation 4 press the share button two times to start recording, then press the share button again when you want to stop recording, then make sure you save the clip to your gallery when the option comes up. Then you can go into your Capture gallery on the system and sign into your YouTube account to upload the video directly to YouTube. This was awesome to me because I remember making some embarrassing videos as a kid by waving my camera in front of the TV screen to try to record video games. Now, the PS4 can do this all by itself. The PS4 gets an A+ on helping me with my DS106 assignments.