Weeky Summary: Week 6

This week, I managed to get most of my assignments done earlier in the week, since I knew I had a math test on Thursday, and I’m very happy with that decision! Our theme for the week was design, which I found very interesting, and I really enjoyed it; thus far I think this week and visual assignment week were my two favorites. This week I got to experiment with canva.com and with Microsoft Publisher, two programs I wasn’t very familiar with before, but would definitely use again in a future project. Unlike Audacity, these programs were intuitively easy to use and I didn’t find it difficult to create simple digital designs with all the tools we have available!

First, for the week, you can see my thoughts on design and a few readings on it.

How To Design

Next, as always, I made a post summarizing my daily creates for the week! Check it out below.

Daily Creativity: Week 6

Then, you can visit my designblitz challenge, where I had to find design examples and take pictures of them throughout the week. I thought this one would be most challenging, but actually I found it really fun thinking of objects to photograph that were designed well according to the design principles we were looking for.

Designs of Daily Life

Finally, I completed 12 stars worth (exactly 12 stars worth, which I’m proud of) of design assignments! It was fun looking through this assignment bank and I found it easy to see which ones I was interested in this time; I think as time goes on I’m becoming better at looking through the assignments to find the ones I’ll enjoy doing the most. Two of these assignments relate to my character, which I’ll link to first.

First, I generated two cool name icons for Callen in my first assignment for 3 stars. This was a fun one (as you can see, since I made 2 icons instead of just one).

What’s in a Name?

Second, I made a word cloud for Callen for 2 more stars; I think word clouds are pretty cool and it got me thinking about my character and words that could be freely associated with him.

The Shape of Words

Third, for 3 stars, I told the story of a movie in only 4 simple icons, leaving it up to commenters to decide what movie my icons represented! This one was by far my favorite of the week since it shows the power of minimalist design and I loved exploring the icons from the Noun Project, and awesome site you can visit to get so many different icons. There were more icons there than I knew existed, and it made me want to use icons for everything I do from now on.

A Story in Four Icons: Can you guess the movie?

My last assignment for the week was worth 4 stars to create a Venn Diagram of popular culture icons. This one was the most difficult of them all, because it took a while to figure out what figure or character I could use for each place on the diagram.

The Many Shades of Hannibal Lecter: A Venn Diagram

And that’s it for this week! I’m curious to see what theme we’ll be exploring next week and I hope I’ll have the same motivation to complete my assignments earlier in the week!

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