Weekly Summary: Weeks 3 and 4

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, that’s for sure, with a Hurricane in the area, and the unfortunate weather that followed. Personally, despite having the university closed a few days, I’ve been swamped with work from all of my other classes and this one, and it took a lot of work to get to this combined summary but I finally manages to get here! I hope in the coming weeks, I’ll get more used to the workload.

Week 3

Week 3 was focused entirely on writing, which excited me, since I love creative writing! Despite this or perhaps because of this, so many of these posts remained in my drafts for longer than they should have, as I wrote when inspiration struck. Still, I enjoyed this section immensely! So, here are all of my writing creations for that week.

First, you can see my analysis of Neil Gaiman’s A Study in Emerald, which I enjoyed reading because it contains a Sherlock Holmes type story with a unique mythological twist in addition to some fantastic writing. I enjoyed writing that analysis.

A Tale of Sherlock Holmes and Lovecraft

Then, you can read the post which contains an introduction to my character that I’ll be using for the class, a vampire who is also a surgeon! This post was the most difficult for me this week, because I’ve never created a character myself before. It’s easiest for me to write about re-existing characters that I’m interested in, but creating my own was a more daunting task. I hope I’ve succeeded somewhat, and I’ll continue to improve the quality of my character as the course progresses.

A Vampire in the Modern World

Next, you can see my 3 daily creates for week 3, which are all summarized in the following post for convenience. They’re always fun!

Daily Creativity: Week Three

Next, I had to do 10 stars worth of assignments from the writing assignment bank, though I ended up with 11.5 stars worth of writing assignments, since none of the one star assignments inspired me.

First I did the TV Guide remix assignment on the first Harry Potter movie, which was a fun creative task for me. This was worth 2.5 stars.

Harry Potter and how old were those kids??

Second, I did the write an alternate ending assignment for 3.5 stars, which was my favorite. I love writing stories, especially about character that I know and love, like Castiel from Supernatral,  a show that is an excellent example of storytelling using Urban Legends and other mythology.

Supernatural: A Road Well-Travelled

Third, I did the video game review assignment for 3 stars, which was also great since I love analyzing why I love the games that I do and it’s a great representation of the theme.

God of War Review: A Tale of Norse Mythology

Finally, I wrote a Haiku about myself for 2.5 stars which took some work to get right, but was still an interesting exercise.

That Aha! Moment

Week 4

The fourth week was focused on Visual Storytelling. Honestly, I have very littler experience with this one as compared to the previous week on writing. However, I learned that I really find storytelling and editing with visuals to be something I’m really interested in. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn, but never got the chance to before now! This week was time-consuming, however, I found the end results of my work to be rewarding, especially because I got to choose the assignments I found interesting to me personally. The first half of this week, I was swamped by math work, and I had to do this work in the later half of the week, which ended up taking much longer than expected, so I’ll have to work on that in the future! You can see the work I’ve done for the fourth week below.

First, you can see my 3 daily creates for week 4 in the post below. I got them done early in the week, which was great!

Daily Creativity: Week Four

Next, you can see my post describing my experience with photography, which is highly limited. Still, it got me thinking about photography in ways I hadn’t considered before.

An Amateur Photographer

Next, after reading some resources on photography, I compiled a set of screenshots from my favorite show, Supernatural, which highlighted important photography tips and themes. This helped me think more about what makes a photo meaningful.

Supernatural Cinematography as told through Photos

The next assignment is one related to my character, where I had to create a collage that represented him. I had the most fun with this one as compared to all others this week. I loved looking up images that would create the mood I intended and represent my character in an interesting light in a way that words couldn’t. Collages are my new favorite thing. Though this was from the assignment bank, it didn’t count for stars this week.

Vampurr Collage

Next, I had to do at least 10 stars worth of assignments in the Visual Storytelling assignment bank, and I ended up with 10.5 stars at the end of the week.

First, I created a collage of my pet for 3.5 stars, further solidifying my love of collages.

My Love of Orange Kittens

Next, I created an image of something reflected in an eye for 3.5 stars. I chose this post to be the second one this week to relate to my character.

Fear in the Eyes

My final assignment was to create art with only 4 lines, 5 dots and 1 curve for 3.5 stars.

A Computer Scientist’s Attempt at Art

My final task for this week was to do a Photoblitz and take pictures of many things in only 20 minutes. This assignment was fun an challenging, and caused me to think on photography skills I learned previously in the week.

Quick! Snap a photo!


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