Weekly Summary: Week 7

It’s been a crazy week this week! As usual, I’ve been swamped my work from this class and so many others. This semester is far more cramped than any I’ve had previously and it’s going slower as a result… but I’ve made it to week 7 now! As usual, here’s my work for the week.

First, this week we created our groups for the radio show project, which we’ll be working on for this week and the next. We’ve got our group all set up and started working, and I think it will work out wonderfully! You can see my post summarizing our group’s project thus far here.

DS106 News Show Update: Super Storytellers

Additionally, here’s my deign promo for our show! Be sure to check it out and our show when it comes out!

A Splash of Design for DS106 Radio News

Next, I completed 10 stars of audio assignments for the week, two of which will be used in the radio project. First, for 3.5 stars I created a commercial about vampire repellent for our show, which is the one I’m most proud of this week! I really loved making it and I can’t wait to hear it on the show.

Vampire Repellant

Second, I created another radio bumper specific to our news show project, for 4 stars. It was much easier to make a bumper this time around!

A Second Radio Bumper: News Edition!

Finally, though not related to our project, I recorded a poem with appropriate punctuation sound effects in the following assignment for 2.5 stars. While I’d suggest upping the star value on this one, it was really fun to make!

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright…

Last but not least you can check out my Daily Creates for the week here.

Daily Creativity: Week 7


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