Weekly Summary: Week 5

This week, I worked out of my comfort zone to discover new things about audio storytelling. Throughout the week, I’ve gained a new appreciation and understanding of audio storytelling, and how it can create stories that are unique from any other medium.

I found this week more difficult than the writing and visual storytelling weeks, perhaps because I was most unfamiliar with it. I struggled a bit with audio editing in Audacity until I got a handle on its basic functionalities, and I think I managed to scratch the surface of audio storytelling. I hope you enjoy my creations for this week!

First, you can check out my thoughts on audio storytelling and some examples I listened to.

Thoughts on Audio Storytelling

Next, I participated in a live tweeting event with DS106 radio, which was the highlight of the week for me; I found it fun to listen along to the story with my fellow classmates from afar!

Live Tweeting with the Anansi Boys

Then, here’s my post that summarizes my 3 daily creates of the week. They’re always a joy!

Daily Creativity: Week 5

After that, you can see my 12.5 stars worth of assignments I completed for the week, which took up most of my time for the week, working with Audacity and freesound.org often.

Here’s my post about a story told only through sound effects, for 4 stars, which I’m most proud of this week overall.

A Realistic Horror Story

Second, I twisted my tongue for 3 more stars in this assignment, a unique assignment.

Botter’s Butter on a Timer

For my third assignment, and 2 stars, I complied my favorite sounds.

My Favorite Sounds: Peace and Animals

Lastly, for 3.5 stars, I tried my hand at creating a poem that described both my blog theme and my character. This was challenging, but interesting.

A Sonnet of my Blog and my Vampire

I did also create a Bumper for the DS106 radio, which you can listen to in the blog post below. Additionally, I complied a brain dump which lists ideas for our upcoming DS106 radio show project!

The Legendary DS106 Radio

Laundry List of Radio Show Ideas

That’s all for this week! It’s been fun seeing what everyone’s created this week and I’m excited to learn what form of storytelling we’ll be exploring next week.



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