Weekly Summary Week 12

Is it really week 12 already? Where has time gone! Anyway, I enjoyed doing the assignments more this week because I didn’t have too many assignments in any other classes so I could focus on this class mostly. Most of the mashup assignments I’ve done ended up involving more video editing, since I really enjoy video editing. It’s time consuming sometimes when you don’t have inspiration or know what to do with it, but after you learn how to use your editing program it becomes much easier.

First, I did 12 stars of mashup assignments. First in another assignment guessing game, I had you guessing my favorite TV shows from a mashup of no more than 2 seconds clips from each show. Could you guess any of them (answers in the video)? This was my favorite assignment this week. This was worth 4 stars.

Can you Guess my Favorite TV Shows?

Next, for 4.5 stars I created a mashup featuring the evolution of Hannibal Lecter throughout various movies and TV shows. This was the most difficult of the assignments this week because it was the most time consuming and difficult to chose clips for each movie and to edit them together in some way that was cohesive.

The Evolution of Hannibal Lecter

Finally, I added an inappropriate laugh track to the Evil Dead for my last 3.5 stars. I also chose to do my tutorial this week on that assignment, so check that out too!

The Evil Dead: The Sitcom

Adobe Premiere Elements: Laugh Track Mashup Tutorial

Next I had to do two remixed assignments. It took me a while to understand how to access them on the assignment pages and what they meant but I eventually was able to understand and produce two. First, I remixed my favorite sounds from earlier in the semester with an interesting twist.

My Favorite Sounds… And Where’s the Waldo Transition?

For my second I created a terrible PowerPoint presentation about Google drawing, which I’m quite proud of actually, considering I was to purposefully make the PowerPoint terrible.

Google Tried: A PowerPoint Presentation

Finally, here’s a link to my post with my daily creates for the week. I hope everyone had a great week!

Daily Creativity Week 12

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