Weekly Summary: Week 10

Can you believe it’s already week 10? It’s going by so fast suddenly! This week was video assignments, and I enjoyed doing most of them, especially because I already have a good quality video editing program I bought a while ago, adobe premiere elements 14. There was a time when I thought I’d try editing videos for fun, so I’d purchased that before and had a bit of experience with it. I’d imagine if I didn’t have that program and know at least how to use its basic functions, this would be a very difficult week, especially since there are so few free options for video editing. But because I like video editing, this week was good for me!

I chose the option to do 12 stars worth of video assignments this week. First, I showed the duration of my Monday through 5 seconds of video every hour in the following assignment for 3 stars.

A Day in the Life… of a College Student

Next, I showed my favorite transitions in the following assignment for 4 stars, which was one of the most fun since I got to explore the options my editing program had, a useful project for beginning editors I’d recommend.

A Plethora of Pets

Next I explored the archetype of the wolf in sheep’s clothing for 3 stars. This one was fun since it was a 5 second video.

Archetype: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing in Five Seconds

Last but not least, I learned that my Playstation could upload videos to Youtube in the following assignment for 2 stars.

An Amazing Hobby

You can also see my daily creates for the week in the following post.

Daily Creativity: Week 10

Finally, the additional assignment we were tasked with this week was to create a video essay on a specific movie/TV scene. This was the most difficult and time consuming of them all, but I do enjoy analyzing aspects of the movies and shows that I watch.

Video Essay: The Cinematography of Hannibal

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