Video Essay: The Cinematography of Hannibal

Note: if you cannot view this video, check out the Vimeo link here.

This week, one of the assignments I was tasked to do, not for stars, was to create a video essay analyzing a scene of a movie (which I turned into a video essay about a scene from a TV show).

I knew when I saw this assignment I wanted to use NBC’s Hannibal for it because the show has such amazing cinematography and directing, and it’s one of my most favorite shows. I was also inspired by this video analyzing the Silence of the Lambs. It’s full or metaphors and artistic meaning and most of the scenes in the show involve simply two characters talking to each other in the same room. For context, the show begins with the profiler Will Graham investigating serial killers, with Hannibal as his psychiatrist. It is set years before the movies, so Hannibal is not yet known as a serial killer. Spoiler alert, Hannibal eventually frames Will for his crimes and Will is imprisoned for a while, until he is found not to be guilty and his released. This scene occurs when Will is released and comes into Hannibal’s office for the first time since he’s released to resume his therapy.

This was a very difficult assignment. The biggest difficulty for me was getting the audio of me speaking and the video to line up. While the idea of pausing the video in person to talk about it is a good one, it doesn’t work well for me in practice. After trying to just talk over the clip as it went I realized that wasn’t going to work as it happened much faster than I could speak. Eventually I instead just wrote a script for myself to read and recorded it, worrying about editing the video after I already had the audio. Then, I just tried to slow down some sections and repeat some clips where I had spoken about them for longer periods of time. After this I’ve gained a newfound respect for those who create video analysis and video reviews, as it’s much harder in my opinion to match and edit the video together with vocal audio than it is something like a music track. I hope you enjoy the result, since I worked hard on it!

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