Vampire Repellent V2

Though not for stars, this week we were tasked with modifying a web page to tell our own story. See a link to my modified web page here.

For this assignment, I chose to edit an Amazon product page, to display my own product, Vampire Repellent. You may remember this particular product, from my commercial for my radio show last week. I decided to use this because I wanted to do more with the product idea, since I found it an amusing expansion on the worl my character Callen Zelrich’s world. In fact, points to you if you can spot where he’s mentioned in the reworked page. Extra double points to you if you can spot another character mentioned on this page that I used in my radio show segment, when interviewing customers about Callen’s capture (hint: she mentioned in my segment that she purchased the product). I really liked my idea for this because I thought I created these fun easter eggs and I think it turned out well!

To do this assignment, I used the Mozilla Googles as was recommended. It was easy to install and use them, because once you have them installed you can simply click on any object on the screen and are able to edit the html and css instantly. I thought that was pretty cool. It was however, difficult since Amazon is a page that is pretty complicated, and has a lot of text, though I hope I was able to make it believable in the end, especially with the reviews I wrote for the product. It took far more time than I expected to complete this, but I’m glad I learned how to do it, and it’s a unique style of storytelling I hadn’t considered before.

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