The Shape of Words

The second assignment I chose to do this week, and the second one related to my character, is this one, where I was tasked to create a word cloud for my character. This assignment is worth 2 stars.

This assignment was really fun to do, and to accomplish it, I used, a website which easily allowed me to create the collage from the list of words. To use the site I clicked on the ‘Wizard’ tab, which was suggested, and entered my list of words as I thought of them. Then, I messed around with the shape and color of the words with the easy editing options, to get the word cloud looking as I wanted it to. Here is the final list of words I used for it:

4 human
3 surgery
3 patient
3 blood
2 control
2 vampire
2 better
2 doctor
2 heart
2 life
1 reputation
1 handshake
1 composure
1 hospital
1 research
1 helping
1 scalpel
1 repress
1 cardiac
1 careful
1 fishing
1 biology
1 nurture
1 friends
1 hungry
1 nature
1 steady
1 victim
1 family
1 books
1 sleep
1 light
1 night
1 alone
1 latex
1 trust
1 coats
1 death
1 fangs
1 study
1 calm
1 duty
1 work
1 care
1 good
1 dark

Most of the words in this list are related to being a surgeon or a vampire, as is my character, Cal. Additionally, many of them are related to how he feels in his contradictory life which includes being both of those. I wanted ‘human’ to be the largest word in the cloud, since this is what he’d most like to think of himself as, despite still being a ‘vampire’, which is another larger word in the list. The next largest words I chose were ‘surgery’ and ‘patient’, the two elements of his work Cal deems most important (helping the patient and spending his time in surgery); another larger one is ‘blood’, which has a dual meaning, in that it’s both what he needs to survive in stealing it from the hospital blood bags and something he sees everyday when performing surgery and saving people’s lives.

Overall, I chose the shape of the cloud to be that of a heart (which is also one of the words in the cloud), because this represents many things to Cal as well. He is a heart surgeon, working on the organ which keeps the human body alive, and as a vampire who is technically no longer among the living, his heart no longer works; however, in a figurative sense, even if he doubts himself, he is full of heart in a human way. As a vampire, his senses are acute, so he can hear and sense the beating of someone’s heart from a long distance, a biological instinct of his kind; this could help him hunt, or, it’s now ‘helping’ him help others, as it does in this ‘better’ life he’s created for himself.

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