The Legendary DS106 Radio

This week, everyone in DS106 was tasked with creating a radio Bumper for DS106 Radio. Though it’s an assignment in the assignment bank, it doesn’t count for stars this week!

For this assignment, I had to first create a script for myself to follow, because I knew if I didn’t create one, it would end up messy; I’m not great with improvising any speech, even one as short as this one. For my 10-20 second bumper, I decided to simply introduce myself and the ‘Legendary DS106’ and ask the listener to stay tuned for more music and stories. I decided to include both music and stories in my bumper to make it a general one, since I know DS106 radio often includes music and story broadcasts, and no matter what’s being played there, there’s a story to be told.

The most difficult part of this assignment, was then finding music that wasn’t copyrighted to add to the background. Using I was able to find a Fantasy Orchestra piece by user bigmanjoe, so credit goes out to him for my background music. I chose this music because I thought the fantasy element would be fitting of our theme and the music slowly swells into a more epic tone, which I wanted to convey for DS106 radio in our semester of legends and myths.

Since I now have some previous experience with Audacity, it was easier than ever before to edit my voiceover and the music together. I visited this quick Audacity tutorial to edit the music track to be quieter, so you could still hear my voice. I’d recommend you give that tutorial a watch if you’re having the same issue! My philosophy in life is, when in doubt, always google a YouTube tutorial.


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