The Evil Dead: The Sitcom

For my last assignment this week I chose this one for my last 3.5 stars. The assignment here was to transform a movie clip by applying an inappropriate laugh track to the clip.

I really love this assignment because I’m always the one who finds inappropriate scenes in movies funny, whether they be serious or scary, for some inexplicable reason. So, I’m always that person laughing at inappropriate times in a movie, which is why I thought this assignment would be fun for me. For this I decided I wanted to chose a horror movie to add an inappropriate laugh track to since I thought that would transform the meaning of it most drastically. Then, I thought of the Evil Dead, which is a ‘serious’ horror movie that often has me and my friends laughing so much when we watch it, simply due to its strangeness and interesting acting choices. So, I thought the movie would be perfect! I wanted to insert as many laughs as I could after picking a scene of the movie from YouTube and I hope I didn’t end up adding too many (there can never be too many, right?). I think the final product turned out pretty good!

Rather than briefly describing my process of creating the video, I instead chose to make a tutorial for this assignment for that requirement this week, so please go check that out here!

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