Supernatural Cinematography as told through Photos

With a focus on photography in the fourth week of the course, this will be an exploration of what makes a good photograph, with key points taken from Becoming Better Photographers and Photography and narrative: What is involved in telling a story?.

To demonstrate this, I’ll analyze a few screenshots taken from my favorite show, Supernatural, which is always fitting of our theme. Consider the following tips/points on what makes a good photograph.

– selection

This photo could’ve been a simple one of Castiel standing under a lamppost as he simply waits around in this scene, but instead it is careful chosen with a unique perspective, to highlight him looking up at the street lamp. It represents a photo taken carefully to represent the emotion it chooses to evoke, an air of mystery and doubt, as during this time in the show, Castiel is experiencing some doubts.

– contrast

This screenshot represents a contrast in both themes and color. In this shot, during an alternate apocalyptic future, Sam is possessed by Lucifer wearing a white suit, a color normally associated with purity. The colors here are also contrasting, with the white suit and dark background. This enhances the emotion of the scene as Dean in the background is watching his brother be possessed by the devil.

– perspective

This entire episode, ‘Baby’ is one shot entirely from the perspective of Dean’s car, the 1967 Chevy Impala. This shot of the two Winchester brother’s especially demonstrates how that car personifies their bond, taken from a unique perspective of the car’s roof.

– depth

This shot represents the illusion of depth, as Castiel is framed with an extended background that is blurred, which enhances the depth effect, in addition to the lighting. It creates the mood of the dark roadway effectively.

– balance

This photo is of the Winchester brothers burning Castiel’s body at his funeral. The contrast in colors of the fire and of the silhouettes are juxtaposed well with each other. It really creates a somber mood and both the fire and the figures standing there draw attention to each other by providing such a balanced image.

– moment

This screen capture reminded me of the idea of waiting for the right moment of action to take a shot because it is one of the angel Castiel watching the rest of the angels fall from heaven like shooting stars. It is a good example of something captured in the moment as you see Castiel drawn to what’s happening in the sky.

– lighting

This is the angel Castiel’s first entrance in the show, where he is framed by dramatic sparks of light in a dark barn. This contrast in lighting shows the grandiosity of his character and the addition of angels and the power they hold in the show, which is unlike any seen before.

– foreground/background

This is a beautiful picture of a scene where Castiel visits Dean in his peaceful dream to deliver him a message. This shot is beautiful in that both the foreground and background are visually appealing, adding depth to the scene, to create the peaceful dream imagery.

Note: All Supernatural screenshots were taken from here and here.

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