Quick! Snap a photo!

This week I’ve been tasked to do a photoblitz, an activity in which you’re given a list of 7 items to photograph and given 20 minutes to see how many of them you can manage! I managed to get 6 in my run through.

This first image was taken to show the time I started the photoblitz.

This is the shadow of something that’s difficult to recognize. Can you reocgnize it? Actually, it’s one of my mom’s Halloween music boxes, a tree with little birds on top of it. Additionally, my cat’s shadow got into frame, and I kept that in since it made it less recognizable.

This is a picture of something in a square aspect ratio! It’s a picture of the fireplace mantel with my family’s Halloween decorations and the new picture my mom bought for above the mantle.

This is someone else’s paw (And he made it very difficult for me to capture just his paw while he was trying to either snuggle me or bat at me with his paw).

This is a picture of my food made into the shape of a face. I had an unfortunate lack of something like a banana or other face-shaped foods, so I made do with some cheese and fruit. This was a fun one, though I found out that I really need to make a trip to the grocery store for more food.

Next was to take a picture with my camera at ground level, so I took a picture of the stuffed animals in my room. It’s an IKEA snake, a snapping turtle and a possum from Bass Pro shops and a tiger I’ve had for a while.

This is the last picture, which shows my end time (I took that screenshot just a minute too late, oops), and what items I successfully completed.

I thought that this was a very fun activity, like a scavenger hunt, as it had me rushing around my house trying to find something that would satisfy each of the pictures. What made it most difficult were my kittens, who kept trying to interrupt my photos by bumping into me or getting in the photo frame, as evidenced by the cat’s shadow which appeared in one of my photos. The only one I wasn’t able to get of the 7 listed is taking a photo of someone holding an old photo of themselves, because I didn’t have anyone else around to participate, and I couldn’t find the photo album in the 20 minutes provided. Otherwise, this was a fun activity and I enjoyed stretching my photography skills by thinking about finding photos I wouldn’t normally think to take myself.

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