My Love of Orange Kittens

When I saw this assignment to create a collage of photos of my favorite pet for 3 and a half stars I immediately became excited! I don’t know if you can tell from my past posts, but I’m quite fond of my two little orange kittens.

Honestly, seeing these delightful little balls of fun can easily turn any day into a great one, and I love them with all my heart. They’re the sweetest and most lovely kittens I’ve ever had, and I’d been searching for orange kittens for a while, until I saw an offer at the local shelter. I’ll always remember the day that I got them with my dad, and we couldn’t decide which to take, so we just had to get both. Their names are Tiger, who has the unfortunate nickname of Poop-foot because of an unfortunate incident with the litter box that happened a while ago and Pumpkin, who adopted the nickname Darth Vader since he had a cold for a while. Tiger is the kitten in both larger photos and Pumpkin is the one curled up on a plate in the upper right and with his face in the upper right small picture in the lower left quadrant.

In this collage, I tried to create some meaning, since the photo on the bottom right quadrant is one of the first pictures I took of Tiger when I first got him, and what I think is the most beautiful one with his blue eyes (which are only around for a while when they’re young) and long whiskers. In the upper left is the most recent picture I’ve taken of him. Only about 3 months have passed since I got them and they’ve grown so much already, especially Tiger, while Pumpkin hasn’t grown quite as much. Tiger is a cat who loved to be picked up and cuddled, in fact he cries at me when I come home to be held, and I’m always so surprised by how big he’s gotten so fast! In the upper right pictures, I put together ones of them in funny positions together, and in the bottom left I simply collected ones of them being specifically adorable.

This collage was surprisingly fun and easy to make! I used Pixlr, which is a free photo-editing app. With it you can chose several different orientations of collages to create, and I chose this one since I wanted to have a lot of photos included in the frame, and some different sizes than others. I’d highly recommend that app if you’re interested in making collages, as the hardest part is choosing which photos to include!

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