My Favorite Sounds: Peace and Animals

The third assignment I chose this week is to make an audio clip of my favorite sounds, choosing 4-5 sounds. This assignment is worth 2 stars.

This assignment was an interesting one as it caused my to wonder what my favorite sounds were, and think of the 4 that were my most favorite. First, since my recent vacation to the beach (as in the soundcloud post’s picture), I knew one of them had to be the ambient sound of waves crashing. There’s just nothing more relaxing than that, and it reminds me of vacations and being at peace. Next, I knew my other favorite was a cat purring, since I love my cats so much and hearing their happy purr when I pick them up always makes me happy and relaxes me. Similarly, I chose the sound of chicks chirping, which is a sound that also makes me happy because I used to have chicks and ducklings, whose chirping sounds the same. I loved those pets as well, and they were always cutest as chicks. Finally, i chose a more mundane sound, the pouring of morning coffee; the sound of it pouring is one I think is satisfying and I’m sure there are many other people who will agree that there’s nothing better than a good cup of coffee.

I used to find all these sounds and then I edited them together in Audacity, adjusting their volumes so no one sound overpowered the other. I decided to use the ocean waves as a background noise for the other sounds, setting a peaceful tone. I think the final result shows my love of relaxing and my love of animals at the same time. I’d highly recommend this assignment, as it was one of the most fun audio assignments I’ve done.

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Sounds: Peace and Animals”

  1. It was interesting hearing the cat purring along with the sound of the ocean. The sound of the ocean is one of my favorite sounds as well!

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