Live Tweeting with the Anansi Boys

This Monday, 1/26, I participated in a live Tweeting session with my fellow ds106 students! We listened to an audio story which told the beginning of a tale about the Anansi Boys. It featured the character Fat Charlie, who realizes his family is much more than he thought after the death of his father and the emergence of his mysterious brother, Spider.

I have only listened to an audio book once and never an audio story like this which contained so many sound effects that set the tone for each setting. I thought it was amazing that you could distinguish the location the characters where in, be it a bar, work, outside, etc. just based on background noises like chatter, wind, or rain. I also enjoyed everyone’s accents in the story, which gave them each unique character; the voice acting was very good in this story. It really gives imagery to an audio story more than simply reading prose can, in ways I’ve never thought about before. It can give the intention of a character too, such as Spider, in that a creepy sound effect happens before he’s about to manipulate someone or use his mind control powers. Also, I enjoyed the mythology aspect of this story, since I recognized the mythology of Anansi from american gods, as a trickster and a storyteller. The theme of storyteller goes very well with this story, as it seems almost like an oral story itself, in the way that it is written and narrated.

Here are some of my tweets from the event! I enjoyed live tweeting and responding to everyone else’s comment about the audio story! That really made listening to it more interactive and enjoyable.





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