Laundry List of Radio Show Ideas

This week, we are to all brainstorm ideas for a 20-30 minute radio show related to the class and theme. My experience with radio shows or even listening to radio shows is mostly null, but I’ve complied a list of possible ideas in true brain dump fashion! Prepare to be brain dumped with me.

  • Use our characters. This could be a forum to discuss our characters and why we chose them, to develop them further based on input from other classmates, and discuss what makes a good character. Or, we could even speak as our characters, making some kind of story or dialogue between them.
  • Share our ideas on what makes a myth/legend, and what the theme is really about. We all have different ideas on this, and how has this evolved since our very first reflection we posted on our blog?
  • What are our favorite examples of storytelling and legends/myths and why? Discuss it with each other.
  • Tell our own stories! It is a storytelling class after all, so we could spend the time telling stories and figuring out how to tell a good audio story. This could be similar to the Anansi Boys one we listened to or a more casual creative telling of an existing myth or one we made up.
  • How has Digital Storytelling allowed myths and legends to evolve over time? How have they stayed the same? General questions that could be explored in the show, maybe through the different units of the course.

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  1. These are great ideas! Do you want to be partners in this radio show project? I didn’t know how to get a hold of you other than just commenting on your post haha

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