Guess this Grimm Legend in Gifs

For my first assignment week, this one for 3 stars, I had to tell a myth, legend, folktale, or other story using only gifs and post it for everyone to guess which story it’s telling.

This was a very fun assignment which I enjoyed; it reminded me of the previous one I did for design week, which was to tell a story using only 4 simple icons. I love the idea of reducing a story to its main elements, and I found this gif challenge to result in more amusing results. While the icon challenge created more serious results, the nature of gifs results in a more comical version of the story, which easily makes fun of it. Gifs and especially the way we use them on the web to express emotion or funny ideas and stories like this, are a unique and important form of storytelling, in my opinion. I always love gifs.

To complete this assignment, I simply thought of an existing legend I wanted to display, which came easily to me. Then, I searched for my 5 gifs on giphy as suggested in the assignment post, and right clicked to save them to my computer and then upload them as images to this blog post, since linking them here was only working for some of the gifs. The most difficult thing here was choosing the right gifs, especially since I wanted to chose some that were amusing to me.

So, can you guess this legend or tale? How easy was it to guess?

Hint: Think classic Grimm tales.

Gif Credits Below:

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