Gaming Highlights Made to Look Good

For my first assignment this week I chose to do this one for 3 stars. The task was to create a montage of highlights from you doing well at a video game.

I chose this assignment to expand on what I learned in an earlier one, that the PS4 can record gameplay with the simple press of a button, without me having to buy any recording software for it. The story behind this assignment is a hidden one. When I was younger I used to always try and record myself playing games and doing game walkthroughs and such in varying unfortunate ways such as pointing a bad quality camera at my bad quality TV while it stood on a bunch of books because I didn’t have a camera stand. These embarrassing videos, along with my child’s voice narrating them, took up much of my time as a kid and exist somewhere in the internet (somewhere I don’t want to find ever again). I can’t help but think how happy my child self would be knowing the PS4 can just record itself in great quality with this new technology! (Plus now I have a video editing program and ability to use it to edit things also…)

To capture the video, once again I used my PS4; to do this you press the share button twice to start recording and once to end recording, then save the video clip to your gallery. Then I used a USB drive to transfer my clips of me playing the game from my PS4 to my laptop to edit them using Adobe Premiere Elements 15, as seen in the screenshot above. While editing my clips I gained an appreciation for people who make these videos often on YouTube, as it took a while simply to watch all of my various gameplay videos to pick out the good parts, since I’d recorded about 4 or so games to look through. I actually was able to find music for the video quite easily through YouTube, which now has a feature that specifically lists Copyright free music that they want you to download with a click of the button use in your videos for free! See this page here to get that music (looks like they have sound effects too). The music I used here is Cavalry by Aakash Gandhi. I was happy with the end product of this, because the highlights actually make it seem like I’m good at the game!

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