Gaming Fails Made to Look Bad

For my second assignment this week I did this one for 3 more stars. The goal of this assignment was to create a montage of you failing at a particular video game.

While I was doing this assignment highlighting the good points of the gaming footage I collected from Call of Duty, I realized that I edited out a lot of bad parts to make myself seem really great at the game. I realized it would be fun to do the opposite and take only my fails with this assignment available, since there were some really unfortunate moments I had in that footage, even most of one particular match I played which I failed for pretty much the entire match. It’s interesting that these videos can really pick out the good or bad parts of the footage to change the meaning of it entirely. Overall, I’d say I’m alright at the game, sometimes I play well and sometimes not, and I don’t often have much time to play and really practice at it, nor do I take it so seriously, but the two videos really show how editing can change everything about certain footage! I think this one is even more fun than the last, because with the song choice I made it was quite humorous, I think.

To edit this video I did the same as the last, using the PS4 to record my video footage and then transferring it to my laptop in order to edit it in Adobe Premiere Elements. This time I think it went faster than the last since I had more practice editing and more practice looking at the footage to find the fail moments I wanted (especially since there was one particular game I failed practically the entire time). I also experimented with some new title screens (by putting them as an overlay instead of a separate title screen) and a credits feature from Adobe Elements. The music here is Lifting Dreams by Aakash Gandhi. I hope you enjoy my fails!

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