Fear in the Eyes

This is the second assignment I’m doing this week for stars! This assignment┬áis worth 3 and a half stars, and it’s the assignment I’m choosing to related to my character, Callen Zelrich, for the week.

The assignment is to take a picture of an eye and overlay an image of something on it, to make it seem like the image is reflected in the eye. Taking this premise, I used my character’s eye instead of my own. The images I used for this work can be found here for the eye, here for the police lights, and here for the vampire teeth. With this image, I intend to convey what my character’s greatest fears are; I think of the picture as one more symbolic than portraying an actual scene the character is in, as the eyes are supposed to represent the windows to the soul. One of Cal’s deepest fear’s and source of guilt relates to the vampire teeth, as the identity of himself as a vampire. This stretches back to his past when he was turned by a savage pack of vampires in the woods. So, this image could represent two fears, either the return of another one of his kind, or fear of what’s in himself, fear of acting out and becoming the monster he fears he is. Relating to the latter is the image of police lights. Cal’s best friend is an officer on the force, Dan, whom he befriended when the officer had taken in a victim who needed emergency heart surgery; saving the patient, the two formed a bond of professional respect and friendship. This is his other greatest fear, that those he knows, as well as society in general will discover who he is, or worse, discover who he is when his control breaks and he acts out.

This assignment was another fun one to make using the free app Pixlr. Once I found the subject I wanted to display and the images I wanted to use, I worked on overlaying the two images on the eye. To add a second picture in Pixlr, I used the ‘double exposure’ picture, and I edited each picture once I had it on the other one. I erased the parts of the picture I didn’t want included, like the rest of the vampire’s face and then I set the filter of the images to be overlayed, placing them where I wanted. I played with the other features, such as the contract and brightness, to give the picture an overall darker tone. The more I used photo editing software, the easier it is becoming to figure out how to use many of the features. I’d recommend the app for anyone looking for a free photo editor!



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