DS106 News Show Update: Super Storytellers

Hello all! This week and the next we’re tasked with joining a group and creating a radio show that relates to our theme and characters for the course. This is my post for the week, summarizing our progress so far.

This week, I fell into a group easily thanks to our classmate Just Zaying on Twitter, who reached out to find people for the group! We’ve been keeping each other updated through a direct message group on Twitter and through our google doc, so we’ve been easily able to communicate with each other despite having vastly different schedules.

Additionally, after sharing ideas we all went with Just Zaying’s wonderful idea to create a news show. This news show will feature all of our characters from the class and all of the different universes they live in, making it a multiverse of so many different legends and stories. I thought this was a brilliant idea because we can easily incorporate our characters and we can each tell different stories through the show, since a news show contains so many different segments/stories. We’ve decided that we’re all going to design our own 5-7 minute story/segment of the news show that incorporates our character, and then we’ll combine them together at the end to make our show, with all the different stories from all the different universes.

This week, we’ve all been focused on first agreeing on this idea and how to accomplish it, and creating our radio bumpers and commercials for the show. I’ve created a commercial, a bumper, and a logo for the show thus far. Then, starting this week and over the weekend, we’re going to all work on designing and creating our segments for the show. Personally, I know I want to create a breaking news segment on my character for my segment, so I’m excited to work on that this weekend. I think our group has come together well and we’ll create an awesome show!

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