Botter’s Butter on a Timer

Betty Botter bought some butter;
“But,” said she, “this butter’s bitter!
If I put it in my batter
It will make my batter bitter.
But a bit o’ better butter
Will but make my batter better.”
Then she bought a bit o’ butter
Better than the bitter butter,
Made her bitter batter better.
So ’twas better Betty Botter
Bought a bit o’ better butter.

By Carolyn Wells

This assignment was to recite a Tongue Twister as fast as you can, with a background sound included. The assignment can be found here, and it is worth 3 stars. I was inspired to do this assignment when I saw Francesca’s version of it from our class’ website! I thought it looked like a fun one to try myself. I’ve always loved poetry and tongue twisters!

The first step I took with this assignment, was to find a tongue twister I wanted to recite. After some google searches, I found this one about Betty Botter on this site, which cited it as one of the common famous tongue twisters. I thought this was surprising since it’s actually one I’ve never heard before; in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard one before involving so many B’s as the central tongue twisting sound. I chose it simply because I love baking myself, and thought it would be most interesting to chose one I wasn’t familiar with, and one that was a bit longer than the usual tongue twisters. Are you familiar with this one?

After I chose the tongue twister, I had to record it several times, which progressively got faster each time. I’m still not a fan of hearing my own voice in recordings, but I got it to a decent speed in the end, and it was easier after saying it many times in a row! I used Audacity to edit my clip of me saying the tongue Twister and add the sound of a timer ticking away in the background. I thought this would add some urgency to the reciting of the tongue twister, and help create the image of baking that Betty Botter inspires! It even includes a ding at the end, signifying that the reciting and whatever delicious buttery concoction Betty has made is done!

I got this background sound from, from user keweldog, which you can visit here. After uploading the final product to SoundCloud, and adding the fitting image of the timer to the post, I was done with this one. It was easier to edit this one as compared to the first assignment I did, since I’m now a bit more familiar with Audacity. I’d highly recommend this assignment to anyone who wants to do a fun one!

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