Archetype: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing in Five Seconds

For my third assignment this week, I chose the following one, which counted for 3 stars. The challenge of this assignment was to pick a character archetype and create a 5 second long video with 5 examples of that archetype.

I chose the archetype representing a wolf in sheep’s clothing because that’s always been an interesting and frightening one to me, the idea of the wolf hiding in the midst of everyone else in plain sight. I love how this trope is used in movies and TV shows so that was perfect, and I could think of 5 examples for it. First, I chose Hannibal Lecter as a classic example of this, here from the TV show Hannibal, as he’s hired on to investigate serial killers, when he himself is a cannibalistic serial killer. Similarly I chose Dexter Morgan from the TV show Dexter, who is a forensic scientist working to help solve murders for the police department, while he himself is a serial killer. I also chose Lucifer from the TV show supernatural because in the show he appears to Sam Winchester disguised as the form of his dead girlfriend, even though it turns out he’s the literal devil in the show. Also, I chose Villanelle from the new TV show Killing Eve, who is an assassin who gets close to her targets easily because she appears unassuming. Finally, I chose Harry Hart from the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service because in the scene pictured we learned he is not a tailor, but indeed a Kingsman spy when he shows off his deadly talents.

Once again, I used Adobe Premiere elements for this assignment to piece together the clips. Here I had to make sure to trim the clips so that they were each only one second long, to make the 5 second video. I didn’t add any transitions because I thought the clips were too short and that would clutter the video, and I instead simply added some unobtrusive music to it. The most difficult thing to do here was to pick which clips I wanted to use and edit the second I wanted to capture for each.

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