An Amazing Hobby

For my final assignment this week, I chose this one for my last 2 stars. This assignment was a simple one, to record yourself doing your favorite hobby for 30-60 seconds.

For this assignment, I new I wanted to record myself playing video games. It’s always been my favorite hobby since I was a kid, and as far back as I remember I was always playing on my PlayStation. So, I decided to record myself playing a new game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. I really love this new game as its the ideal Spider-Man game, super fun to play, especially just web-swinging around the city. I remember playing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation 2 when I was younger, since Spider-Man was always my favorite hero, and playing this game now I’m reminded how far video games and technology have advanced since then.

To record this gameplay, I was actually able to use my PS4 to do most of the work! To record a clip on your PlayStation 4 press the share button two times to start recording, then press the share button again when you want to stop recording, then make sure you save the clip to your gallery when the option comes up. Then you can go into your Capture gallery on the system and sign into your YouTube account to upload the video directly to YouTube. This was awesome to me because I remember making some embarrassing videos as a kid by waving my camera in front of the TV screen to try to record video games. Now, the PS4 can do this all by itself. The PS4 gets an A+ on helping me with my DS106 assignments.

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