An Amateur Photographer

Do you take a lot of photos now? What of? Do you have a particular approach to taking photos? Do you ever work to capture a particular feeling or meaning in your photos? If so, how successful do you think you are? After reviewing these resources, what tactics can you use to improve your photos or to take a different approach to taking photos?

Honestly, I don’t consider myself that much of a photographer, though I do take photos occasionally. Pretty much every photo I’ve taken is one from my iPhone. Consequently, before I had an iPhone I took even fewer photos when I had a digital camera, which was mostly only used in taking photos on family vacation–as I was the only one in my family who knew how to take a photo. Some of the photos I take I do think occasionally are not bad, especially when the subject is something that I’ve seen that I need to take a photo of in the moment.

Now, with my phone, I do take some pictures, mostly of any special food I’m eating and especially my pets or anything I buy or see that’s interesting that I want to share with my friends. I take a picture if I I see something exciting, like a beautiful view or other phenomenon. I almost never take pictures of myself, though sometimes I take them with my friends. I do enjoy taking pictures when I do, even if I don’t take as many as others do nowadays, with the prevalence of social media and sharing so many pictures so often. I do have a dedicated two friends whom I send snapchats to occasionally, but that’s the extent of my photography on social media before taking this course. I don’t usually think of any photos I take as seeking to convey a particular feeling, as I usually think of them more as everyday photos. I think the only time I’ve ever thought of evoking any feeling in my photos has been evoking that sense of ‘awww’ in a cute animal picture, which I think is usually successful, except when the pets don’t cooperate.

After reading the photo tips on this page, I’d like to work on becoming a better photographer this semester, as it seems like a fun to start getting better at it! I really need to take into consideration the tip on being pickier with my photos because, as of now, I take so many photos of one thing and look at them all afterwards; I realize that if I wait for the right moment for the right shot instead of shooting all possible moments, it will make me a better photographer. In relation to this, I should be in the moment more often, on the look out for good photo opportunities that could come by at any moment. Additionally, when I take photos now, I don’t think much about perspective or lighting, because I always just take the first photos I see from eye-level; if I improved this, if I just thought about what would make the photo more interesting and create a certain mood, be it different lighting, a different perspective or capturing juxtaposing elements in the frame, my photos would be more interesting and perhaps even evoke some emotion. That is ultimately, I think, what would make me a better photographer in the first place, to think of the photo as a story, as a narrative like described in this article, which uniquely paints a photo as a narrative with characters, which could be expanded beyond portraits. If I can think of the narrative and emotion I’m trying to convey with my photos, I’ll be taking my first step to improving my photography.


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