A Splash of Design for DS106 Radio News

This week we were tasked to do a bit of design work while we’re planning our radio shows, with so much audio editing. This time, we got to return to design week, which was my personal favorite week thus far.

Here, I created a logo for our radio show, which will be a news station on DS106, created by the Super Storytellers, which hosts stories from all of our characters’ different universes! Our show is set in the idea of this multiverse where all the various legends and characters live, to be reported on. Hence me using that caption as a tagline for the logo! I chose a simple white font to go in front of my image here, with some standout letters for the main title of the show. I particularly love the image I chose, since it’s an image from the Hubble telescope of space, with various galaxies! I thought it was a beautiful image, perfect for the idea of our multiverse.

To complete this project, I used Microsoft Publisher, which allowed me to easily insert the image and text into the design. The image is one pulled from Wikipedia here. This was fun and pretty easy to make!

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