A Sonnet of my Blog and my Vampire

Shades of blue with legends that lurk in between:
Stories that come in different shapes and sizes, sights and sounds;
All of which shape what they mean,
Waiting to be seen in my background.

You’ll see kittens, ducks, and moments of fun,
Spattered amongst my social media hijinks.
This is where legends are found and even some have begun,
A man who invites you to see what makes him tick.

He’d think himself a man like any other,
A surgeon by day who takes pride in his profession.
By night he steals one blood bag and then another,
The beast inside growling at the suppression.

He is but one instance of so many more,
All kinds of legends that I have in store.


The final assignment I’ve done for the week is this one where I had to create an original poem and recite it. The assignment tells that the poem should be about my blog and its theme, and in addition, I extended this poem to be about both my blog and my vampire character, Callen Zelrich. This is worth 3.5 stars total.

I haven’t written poetry in a long time, but I used to really enjoy it both as a kid and in high school when we’d have poetry assignments. I’ve always particularly enjoyed searching for words that rhyme, and with a poetry reading like this, the melodic effect of those can really be heard. Though I haven’t done much poery reading before, and usually don’t enjoy reading things aloud, I did find it more fun to read something that I wrote myself, to see how my words sound out loud.

I wanted the poem to represent first, the fun attitude my blog takes to storytelling and exploring all these new forms of storytelling in ways I never have before, which continues to be exciting. I wanted to also incorporate a bit of mystery into the poem to fit the Legends and Myths theme too, and lead that into talking about my character. After all, Cal, as my own creation of ideas on the theme we have this semester, represents a lot of the ideas in my blog.

To do this assignment I did have to look on this page to find information on how to write a Shakespearean style Sonnet, so I could get some structure to my poem and rhyme scheme. The style includes 14 lines with 3 quatrains followed by a couplet. I used https://www.rhymezone.com to find a lot of the rhymes, which helped me get inspiration to continue writing onto the next line, when I could search for words that could represent my next thought for the poem. Once I finished writing it, I took a few tries to record myself reciting it, and uploaded the result to SoundCloud that you see above. This was the only take actually, where my cat did not somehow interrupt me, so I got lucky on that one!

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