A Second Radio Bumper: News Edition!

For my second assignment this week, I chose to create another radio bumper for 4 stars, this time one specific to our upcoming news edition of the DS106 radio show.

The idea of our radio show was to incorporate all of our characters and worlds into one multiverse, that the DS106 radio news reports on, so I wanted to make sure to mention our news show and the multiverse in my bumper. I also added some upbeat music to improve the mood during these short breaks from the program to entice people to keep listening.

I know this bumper has significantly improved as compared to my last one, as I found some excellent copyright free music on sound cloud that I could add to my Audacity project. There, I simply lowered the volume of the music and added fade in and fade out effects to the music at the beginning and end of the bumper, so it transitions in more smoothly than before. I’m proud of myself for being able to figure that out without a tutorial, as it was as simple as selecting an area of the video I wanted to fade in/out and going to: Effect > Fade in, or Effect > Fade out. I’ll definitely be using these fade in and out effects in the future, as it makes a world of difference, I think, especially for a radio show, which this will be included in.

Music from DIZARO on Soundcloud: Dizarofr – Aurora-borealis


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