A Realistic Horror Story

I hope you didn’t have your volume turned up for that one!

For my first assignment this week I’ve created a story using only sound effects for 4 stars. You had to use only sound effects and no voices, with a minimum of 5 different sound effects.

Despite our theme of mythology, I created a more realistic horror story for this assignment. Having someone outside who comes into your house unauthorized is personally one of my greatest fears, which I’m sure is one shared by many people. I wanted to make the story more interesting than a mundane one, to have something dramatic and frightening happen, so, in this story, I embodied that common fear we all share.

I used 7 sounds to illustrate this story. It starts with a car driving up a gravel road, then a car door opening and slamming. Then, you hear slow footsteps across a paved surface as the intruder walks across the porch. Then, you hear the creaking of the door as they open it (why did you leave the door unlocked?). After hearing quiet footsteps on wood floor, the intruder catches you! Then, you hear two screams, that of a man and a woman. Ahhhhh!

I think that I did a pretty good job in choosing the sound effects for this story. For example, I think the slow footsteps outside help to set the mood, to make it creepier than fast footsteps might. Additionally, the car pulling up slowly for a long duration of time helps set the mood and keep the listener on edge, wondering what will happen when the car pulls up.

For this project, I used Audacity to mash together sounds I downloaded from freesound.org. This was my first time ever using Audacity, so it was quite difficult to get started, especially with cutting clips and getting them where I wanted in the timeline (which seems like a simple task, and yet I fought the program significantly for it). I didn’t experiment much with editing the sounds, except an option to even out the overall volume of the clip (which maybe worked?), but I look forward to exploring those in the future. I’m no expert in Audacity and audio editing for certain, but it feels good to have accomplished an audio clip that tells the story I had in mind!

Credit to the following sounds from freesound.org:








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