A Plethora of Pets

For my second assignment this week I chose this one which was worth 4 stars. This assignment was simply to demonstrate your favorite transition, however, I modified it a bit to include multiple of my favorite transitions, to make it more interesting!

For this assignment I chose to create a slide show of some of the favorite photos of pets and other animals I’ve taken, because I thought that would be perfect for applying some fun transitions! While doing this I learned that Adobe Premiers has so many transitions that are interesting, far more than anyone could ever want to use realistically. Most of these work well for photos though! Personally, I love video editing, and I love making features of my pets as you’ve likely noticed, so this one was really fun for me!

To edit this video together I simply imported pictures I’d taken into Adobe Premiere Elements and then searched for my favorite transitions to use between them! It’s super easy in Adobe Premiere because you simply drag each transition between the clips and they are easily added that way. I also added in some music to make the video a bit more exciting. I’d really recommend this assignment to anyone else, especially as a way to get acquainted with a video editing program, because one of the most exciting things about them is exploring the various transition options.

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