A Day in the Life… of a College Student

The first assignment I chose to do this week is this one for 3 stars. For this assignment we had to show our day through video, recording 5 minutes every hour of the day.

This assignment wasn’t easy to record, as I had to remember to take a video every hour; if I were to do it again I’d set alarms to remind myself (although those alarms wouldn’t work well when I’m in class). Anyway, I managed to remember most of them, the only thing major I missed was when I arrived on campus at around 2 pm and went to class. I also noticed that my day is quite dull to film, especially since I only had one class and no work that Monday. I swear, occasionally my days are more interesting than this one!

In the video you can see that Monday went as follows. I got up to register for classes for next semester, pet my cat, ate salad, did Abstract Algebra homework, drove to campus for my class, left campus after my class and arrived back at home, worked on Data Mining homework, pet my cat again, ate dinner and had some hot tea, worked on homework for DS106, worked on Data Mining homework again, and went to bed. I suppose even though it’s boring, it accurately represents my distribution of time, mostly doing homework, petting cats, and driving to and from school. I think the idea for this assignment is very neat, and I hope to see some other people doing it too!

To edit the video together for this assignment, I used my copy of Adobe Premiere Elements 14, which I purchased a while ago. First, I’ve had a new laptop since I bought it, so I had to transfer its license to my new laptop, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while anyway. Thankfully I was able to download the program on my new laptop easily to edit the video! Then, I added in my clips I had recorded, editing some of the longer ones to be 5 seconds each. I added in a few simple transitions and music, and then I had the finished product. Really, I only wish I had remembered to use the horizontal view on my iPhone’s camera!


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