A Computer Scientist’s Attempt at Art

The final Visual Assignment I’ve chosen to do for this week is for 3 and a half stars, and it can be found here. It was to create digital art using only¬†4 Lines, 5 Dots,¬† and 1 Curve.

This was a very fun piece to make! To be honest, I don’t really have much experience in making art, or digital art, in the first place. The last time I used paint must have been in my childhood. I used to really enjoy using it to make nonsense pictures, as you do when you’re a kid and paint is the most exciting thing you could possibly find on a computer. I chose to draw a bird here since I figured it would fit well with the simple shapes given, and I do love birds. Often, I like to sit with my parents and watch the birds at our bird feeder out front. Like suggested in the assignment, I tried to play around with the sizes of the dots and lines, as well as some of the textures, like on the bird’s feathers and on the curve that represents the tree branch. I think, with my level or artistry in consideration, that it didn’t turn out so bad! At least, my childhood self would’ve enjoyed this creation.

There’s little tutorial I can provide for this assignment, except to have at it using paint or your other favorite digital drawing tool! This is a fun assignment to do when you start messing with the colors and textures of your dots and lines, and you have to really think about using your resources wisely. I do enjoy this sort of minimal art!

I also posted this creation to Instagram, but the resolution didn’t turn out as well there.

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